Meanwhile Diana feels woozy after the kryptodrake scratched her.

by Sidewinder89
Storyline Monster Kryptonite
Characters Wonder Woman Cheetah
Category Transformation
Previous Chapter Superman and Power Girl wait until dark to travel to the Fortress of Solitude in search of answers

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Far away from the Fortress of Solitude, Wonder Woman was in the midst of a battle with Cheetah in the streets of New York City. The feline villain had broken into the American museum of natural history in order to steal a statuette of the goddess Bast, which supposedly had supernatural properties. Cheetah had just gotten out of the museum when Wonder Woman surprised her and the two quickly came to blows.
"My, aren't you an insistent one, Diana?" Cheetah snarled, then slashed at the Amazon; who quickly deflected the blow using her right bracelet.
"Shut up!" Wonder Woman landed another punch straight into Cheetah's well-toned belly, sending her flying into a grove of trees. 
But, just as Diana was about to start running after her nemesis, she was overcome by a sudden nausea. She wondered if Cheetah had been using some sort of chemical agent during their battle, and barely managed to take two other steps when she was wacked by a sharp pain in her midsection and fell on her knees; gasping for air.
"By the Gods... what's... happening...? Unggggh...!" Diana felt her leather corset grow tight on her, straining as her muscles swelled up to staggering proportions. 
There were a series of metallic cracks as both her tiara and bracelets snapped apart and fell to the grassy soil in front of her, bent as if made of something as vulgar as low-quality aluminium. Diana realized she needed help, but before she could even manage to get up and try to fly away; she found herself growing. Ten, fifteen, twenty feet and not stopping... Her flimsy yet durable uniform fell apart in the process; letting Diana's now massive breasts to bounce free and exposing her private regions, now covered by a thick mass of tangled black hair. The hair in her head grew unchecked too, creeping down to her back in a wild mane far more suited to someone like Caliban or Lobo than her.
Diana fell again on her knees, unable to control the sudden increase in both size and weight she was experiencing. And at the same process, what little panicked thoughts coursed through her mind were rapidly drowned by a sudden influx of more primal directives and animalistic desire.
Diana let out a moan, caressing her breasts just as her fingernails lengthened into claws and dug into her thick, graying skin. Her teeth lengthened into sharp canines and her features grew slightly brutish and caveman-like. Her blue eyes turned a bright red and her irises morphed into vertical slits like those of a snake or a crocodile. Wonder Woman, now turned into a monstrous 50 feet tall giant with grayish-green skin and bright red eyes, pounded on her chest and headed outside Central Park, lumbering with thunderous footsteps that made the earth quake.
In the process, the brutish she-beast yanked an old pine tree, gnawed off the branches and slung it over her right shoulder like a primitive club of sorts. 

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