Supergirl wakes up in the Fortress of Solitude

by Gorel
Storyline Monster Kryptonite
Characters Superman Power Girl Supergirl
Category DC Growth M/F F/F Transformation Savage
Previous Chapter Meanwhile Diana feels woozy after the kryptodrake scratched her.

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Slowly stirring awake and opening her eyes, Super Girl moaned, rubbing her fingers through her long hair. “Wha… What… Where am I?”


“You’re back at the fortress of Solitude.” Answered Power Girl, kneeling with some spare cloths for the young woman. “I guess when the sun was coming up the… Other version of you thought this was home.”


Getting up with a tint of pink on her cheeks, Kara looked up and blinked when she found herself eye to eye with Karen. Taking a short step back she looked herself over. Her legs had gotten hairier as had other areas like her naval, chest and arms. Her finger nails and toe nails looked thick and curved like claws and from what her tongue felt in her mouth, her teeth had become fanged. But what really got her attention were her longer legs, wider hips and much LARGER breasts. “Oh my GOD, I’m huge!”


“You look… Mature, almost like you literally grew up over night, or in this case over the day.”


Giving herself a check over Super Girl’s shocked expression turned to a small smile when she looked back at her doppleganger in front of her. Giving Power Girl a surprise she pulled the woman close until they were pressed up against each other, their large breasts mashed together while Karen felt Kara bring her arms around to feel up her thighs and rear. “Hmm, looks like I finally caught up with you.” Looking down at their combined cleavage, Super Girl looked up to leer into Power Girl’s eyes. “How long was I asleep for?”


Blushing herself Karen’s hands roamed over to Kara’s backside also, feeling up the woman’s ass and back. Suddenly feeling uncomfortable in her tight one-piece suit. “Almost all night, it just became morning a few hours ago and right now we are staying put!”


“Hmm, good.” Husked the naked woman, dropping the folding cloths she had in her hand. “That means we have time to compare…” Licking Karen’s chin and nuzzling her nose, the two looked just about ready to kiss when they heard Superman call out from the main hall.


“Super Girl, Power Girl! Come here, you have to see this!”


Instantly sobering up, the two women separated and gasped, panting for breath and trying to calm their booming heartbeats. Putting on the spare cloths in a flash, Super Girl squirmed at the tightness of her uniform. Obviously, she HAD grown.


Meeting Superman in the main hall where the computer was located, the two women found Clark looking up at a screen, his eyes occasionally darting back to Faora who intentionally bent herself over the control consul, wriggling her hips invitingly to get his attention. To the three watching the screen what they found was the news covering another attack. But this time it was different.


“WE ARE REPORTING HERE AT TOWN’S SQUARE WHERE A GIANT… MONSTER IS RAMPAGING THROUGH THE STREETS.” A short clip showed the recording of a 50-foot-tall monster, covered in black fur and burning red eyes smash and rage through the streets, uplifting cars and devouring whatever it could get its claws on. “THE JUSTICE LEAGUE ARE AT THEIR LIMIT AFTER THE ATTACKS OF THE DRAGON CREATURES FROM YESTERDAY, COULD THIS BE THE BEGINNING OF A MONSTER INVASION?”


Watching the screen, Super Girl found herself scratching her head, trying to remember something important when she looked down at her arm and found her wounded shoulder. The injury was almost completely healed, not even leaving a scar. But it also jogged Kara’s memory of the day before. “Oh no!”


“What is it Kara?”


“I think… I think that’s Wonder Woman!”


“What?!” Both Superman and Power girl gasped.


“She… She fought me and… Cut my arm with her sword.” Wringing both her hands through her full blonde hair the woman continued. “I think I scratched her, did that turn her into… That?”


“We’ve got to do something, the League are exhausted and she’s gone completely mindless, if something isn’t done now she’ll do too much damage to rebuild, she’d never forgive herself.”


Thinking hard, Superman shook his head and turned towards the door. “We’ve got to stop her ourselves.”


“What? We can’t!” Cried Power Girl. “One step out in the day light and you’ll be doing the same as her.”


“If we got hit with a full dose, but what if we just got a sample, slowly ease into the change, maybe it won’t overwhelm us like the last time.” Standing in front of the battered doors of the fortress, Superman looked down to where the sunlight acted like an invisible barrier between the safety of the fortress and the dangers of outside. “Besides, if things go rough, you three can over power me, I’m not stronger than all three of you after all.”


“Maybe just the two of us, can’t say the same for the bitch in heat over here.” Gestured Power girl to the squirming Faora standing behind the two blond amazon women. Raising his hand, Superman made brief contact with the sun with two of his fingers. The instant he did, he gasped, a rush of power flowed into his body and caused his muscles to bulk up and swell. Black fur spread down his back and his shirt burst to make room for his growing frame. Stepping back, he winced and shook his head, blinking his reptilian eyes to find he was still in control. “So far… So… Good.” Lurching forward he did it again, swiping his fingers just at the edge of the doorframe to pick up the sunlight and surging with growth again. Hunching forward his pants burst when his legs grew thicker, a tail bursting out from behind him and his balls swelling to the size of grapefruits and larger. By now twice his height he continued to show control, waving to the others that he was alright before taking another quick dose. It was like trying to fight with a vicious tiger, his control teetering on the edge of slipping and falling back into a feral beast.


When his neck lengthened and wings grew from his back, Clark groaned, his meter-long erection throbbing between his legs when he took another surge. Images flashing in his struggling mind. He was in a cave, mounting a fat female that moaned and growled with each thrust of his cock. All around him other kryptodrakes watched on like a pack of wolves or a pride of lions. Power Girl was on her side, with four cubs nipping at her tits, their tiny wings fluttering as they nursed. Faora leered at her mate, gnawing on the bones of an elephant while her claw rubbed over the dome of her furry belly. Super Girl was making out with another kryptodrake Superman didn’t recognise at first, its fiery red fur was unfamiliar. Same with the brunette making out with the black furred drake nearby, or the platinum blonde drake giving birth in the corner, howling out in pleasure pain. It wasn’t until the female he was mounting looked over her shoulder with her long neck and growled at him with a wry smile, her purple eyes smoldering with lust.


It was then did it hit him, these females were his friends! Hawk Girl, Lana Lang, Wonder woman, Vixen, Big Barda, and the one he was mating with was Lois Lane. Every woman he had some attraction to were his lovers, his mates, his pack.


With a roar, Superman came hard and sprayed hot cum against the wall near the fortress door, falling to all fours and panting with his tongue lolling out his fanged snout. Fluttering his feathered wings the black Kryptodrake looked to the three women, recovering his strength.

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