Superman still has control and heads out to stop Diana.

by Sidewinder89
Storyline Monster Kryptonite
Characters Superman Supergirl Power Girl
Category Monsters
Previous Chapter Supergirl wakes up in the Fortress of Solitude

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"C-Clark...?" Power Girl clenched her fists, readying herself for anything. 
"I'm... still... me..." The black Kryptodrake growled in a deep, guttural voice. Speaking was getting too difficult. His vocal cords and throat were barely human enough. "I think... I think... I'm good. Sun no make me full... monster."
"Sweet Rao." Supegirl approached closer to touch one of his claws, but Superman flinched back before she got too close. "What's wrong?"
"Stay back, Kara... Hard to think... to control." 
Faora's lustful gaze was fixated in the Kryptodrake's massive animalistic cock and the beach ball-sized testicles hanging underneath. The transformed Superman had to be around the same size of the largest sauropod dinosaurs or whales, judging by how he had to curl lnside the hall to avoid bumping his head on the ceiling.
The titanic monster slowly turned around and squirmed through the Fortress's main door, making the whole structure quake as he moved in the same way as a crocodile or a large lizard. Once outside, the black Kryptodrake turned around and snuck his head inside the door.
"I'll stop... Diana. You stay here... wait."
"You can't leave us here!" Power Girl hissed and stepped forward to the door. She was aching for a throwdown with Wonder Woman, even in Diana's current state. Being left behind was like a slap to her beliefs and cocky attitude.
"No, Karen! Clark is allright... We can't risk losing control again, not without another giant monster running around." Supergirl stepped in front of her, blocking Power Girl from getting closer to the exit. 
"We have to wait, there's three hours until night time in the Eastern Seaboard. If things get ugly, we can just wait until then, show up and retrieve Clark and Wonder Woman. They'd be changed back by then."
"Yes... wait." The Kryptodrake Superman gave Kara a nod and disappeared into the vast expenses of the Artic ice sheets. The metal doors slammed shut just as the three woman saw the massive flying shape disappearing into the clouds.
Outside, Superman flew high above the clouds at neckbreaking speeds, far faster than the most advanced fighter jets. In matter of seconds, and just after flapping his powerful wings a couple times, he recognized the distinct shape of the United States east seaboard. He dove and soon recognized the many cities that dotted the landscape throughout the coast. Flying in this draconic body felt... well, like anything else he'd ever experimented.
He'd felt power before. This... this was too much. He felt as if he could shatter the entire planet into cosmic dust by just slamming into it at full speed; or as if he could leave Flash behind if he wanted. It was good.
Like a giant black blur, the monster of Steel landed in the middle of Times Square; flapping his wings to slow down his fall and sending cars, mailboxes and other urban clutter flying away in the overwhelming gust of wind. Then he saw Wonder Woman. Or the thing that had been Wonder Woman once.
The beast was like a giant, exaggerated version of a cavewoman. All muscles, ape-like features and hair covering most of her body. The transformed Amazon was sitting on her ass in the middle of an avenue, devouring the contents of a fish truck like a child would do with a bag of chips. Then, the two beasts stared at each other and the Wonder Monster rose up and waved a tree trunk at him, menacingly. 
Superman roared, flexed his wings and lunged at the she-beast.

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