The Character is from the DC Universe

by burke_rakers
Storyline The Queenpin of Crime
Previous Chapter Rise of the Queenpin

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   "Hey, boss..." Said a redhead from the door. A short yet solid looking woman of Amazonian proportions. She wore a tailored pinstriped suit and had the bearing of a thug - though an intelligent one. "...he's here."

   She nodded. The infamous 'Queenpin of Crime" who ran most of the illegal operations on the east coast through to the midwest. She was a huge woman. A massive woman of heft, weight and thickness. Towering yet rotund, she was an imposing...perhaps even terrifying figure. Her impeccably tailored suits were designed to flaunt her girth as opposed to disguise it. Gloriously unfeminine, her great, bald globe of a head was dominated by a powerful jaw, cunning eyes and a wide, expressive mouth. Her sole nods to the worlds traditional opinion of her gender were her love of diamonds. The glittering diamond stickpin and the massive diamond that was set in the head of her walking stick. The thick, heavy rings upon her fingers.
   "Send him in, Etta..." She rumbled, as she slipped a cigarette into her long, diamond encrusted holder. She needed it. She was nervous as hell, and hated herself for it. Nine time out of ten the man outside was her natural enemy. But today...she needed his help.
   He strode into the room like a predator amongst prey. The caped crusader himself. Batman. She felt a twitching down below, and knew this was the right thing to do. The right way to handle this. She needed help...and needed him.
   "Make it quick, criminal." He growled. "This isn't the way I like to spend my..."
   "Bruce, I love you!" She said. It felt so good. She'd wanted to say it for years.
   Batman was taken off guard. "Bruce? Who's this Bruce..."
   Batman watched in fascinated horror as the elephantine crimeboss got to her feet and waddled/lumbered towards him. Her face was...well, it was a handsome face. A face that might have been beautiful under different circumstances. The eyes looked sane, but they also looked oddly happy. 
   "Bruce Wayne. Batman. Dick Greyson. Robin. Barbara Gordon. Batgirl. I know all about you, Bruce...and I've loved you for years, but been unable to bring myself to say so. But now...I don't care. You have to know, so we can do something about this, but...while you may know me as the Queenpin of Crime, I swear to you that until several days ago, I was Diana Prince...Wonder Woman!"

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OK, new chapter for Strange Appetites. Tell me what direction you'd like the story to go.
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Like the idea of Starfire's Metamorphosis but wish it wasn't set in the animated world.
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