Batman does remember Wonder Woman

by Anzaleth
Storyline The Queenpin of Crime
Previous Chapter The Character is from the DC Universe

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"Wonder Woman?" Batman said. "Is that really you? You've been missing for a week now."

"Yes!" Diana Fisk the Queenpin of Crime, grinned. "I was a superhero, and Etta and Steve were my friends. Instead of Etta being my chief leg-breaker and Steffi being my busty sissy secretary."

Etta grinned and crackled her knuckles.

"But then, how did this happen?" Batman asked. 

Diana took a puff of her her cigarette and blew three smoke rings.

"I don't know," she said. "I just know somehow I have become the most powerful woman in America. And I still love you."

"Well, then, I can bring you to Justice League headquarters and we can--"

"No!" Diana said. "This is just something you and I have to figure out, Bruce. The rest of the team don't have a part in it. That's why I brought you over, darling."

"But I--"

"That's the deal. You and me, putting our heads together." She fluttered her lashes. "Wouldn't that be fun?"

* * *

Meanwhile, Beast Boy was relaxing -- playing video games -- when he heard a voice from Starfire's room.

"Hello, friend Beast Boy. I need some special assistance for a particular problem that has happened."

Her voice sounded a little odd.

"Are you okay, Star?" Beast Boy asked.

"No. Some assistance would be most important at this time."

He entered the room and his eyes went wide.


"Yes, this is the oddest thing, right? But it feels so nice. Like a nice gruzzsnush at Syndush."

* * *

Etta smoked her cigar and played some solitaire as the boss made goo-goo eyes at Batman.

Funnily, now Diana was the fat one and Etta the muscular one. Etta liked it. She liked the muscles, liked the suit, liked slapping any bitch the Queenpin told her to slap.

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