Rise of the Queenpin

by jessiesgirl
Storyline The Queenpin of Crime
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Ever since the dawn of the superheroes, regular crime (not the crazy kind) plummeted.  Lately though it was the regulars were giving the crazies a run for their money...literally.  It seemed like any crime a supervillan tried to pull off this new group had pulled by the time the big players showed up, leaving them holding the bag and a one way ticket to jail.  Anytime someone got a lead on these crooks, they all said the same thing before they met an untimely end.  A woman.  A new Queenpin of Crime behind it all.  No one knew who she was, only that she was ruthless with anyone who got in her way.

Soon all the rival gangs either swore fealty, ended up in the hospital or the morgue.  If there was was one brightside to this though it was that assault against women had become non-existent.  It seems the new boss had made it known that those who did so would suffer the fate imaginable.  

No one knew who she was but everyone wanted to find out.

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Master_Kind - 9/23/2018 8:56 PM
(cont) feeds off of sexual energy and is broadcasting live video of these "games" to their respective universes.
Master_Kind - 9/23/2018 8:55 PM
Apologies for the long time no post, been really busy. Special K, feel free to continue without me but I'll try to add more today or tomorrow. Was thinking Dr. Diabolical was either brand new or a hybrid of Proteus/Mojo and/or Sleeze/Psycho Pirate who
specialkalpha - 9/23/2018 10:31 AM
I really like the Dr. Diabolical's Delights story line. Should he be a new character or turn out to be an established character from one of the Universes like Mojo, Arcade or Mxy?
JimmyKasche - 9/22/2018 3:35 PM
caught a cold so haven't had any time to write really... but had that idea earlier and wanted to post it.
Gorel - 9/22/2018 2:33 PM
If anyone has any ideas on where they would like Satyr Silliness to go, let me know.
The Comedian - 9/19/2018 12:53 AM
The Dr. Diabolical stuff is really great. Loving all the America material, the character pairings feel really fresh.
Master_Kind - 9/18/2018 1:26 AM
Loving the Dr. Diabolical additions Special K Alpha, will add more soon. :)
JimmyKasche - 9/16/2018 2:08 PM
but you could use whomever obviously :P
JimmyKasche - 9/16/2018 2:07 PM
couldn't decide who to actually make the deputy mayor but had the idea of Mojo trying to hype that he's doing this for a good cause :P was debating between like Silver Sable or She-hulk
Gorel - 9/14/2018 10:25 AM
Hmm, wondering if anyone is interested in resurrecting an old story or two.

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