What villain has Starfire combined with?

by JimmyKasche
Storyline The Queenpin of Crime
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Beast Boy stared at the wriggling red mass surrounding what used to be Starfire's purple outfit... he also noticed her nails looked longer and sharper... and that her smile seemed... off and seemingly more threatening than usual.
For her part Starfire just flexed feeling the symbiote wriggle all over her... as she remembered all manner of other details of her life as Kory Cassidy, the symbiotic villain Carnage.
Mojo laughed fusing the sweet and innocent princess with the raving lunatic was a swerve he knew his loyal idiot box watchers would love... but he had to move quick otherwise they'd get bored with the same old same old...  Crime Boss, check... completely clashing personalities, check.... he supposed the logic next step was to bring in a little sex... afterall, Sex and Violence are marketing gold! 
But who to mix... Mojo rubbed his obese chin before snapping his fingers.
Barbara Gordon, Helena Bertenelli, Dinah Lance, and Zinda Blake, collectively known as the Birds of Prey were having a meeting, discussing the strange disappearances recently and the rumors of a new crimeboss arriving in Gotham. 
"It seems like even the Mob is scared to talk about them, Barbara." Helena says shaking her black hair out.
"If they are too scared to talk to you about it ... either normally or Huntress gear... whoever we are dealing with must be a real powerhouse... and we need to dig into every avenue we have. Did either of you come up with anything? " Barbara responded.
"Nope, same as Helena... no one's talking." Dinah said.
"Negative Cap'm" Zinda said playfully... 
"Well I think an obvious plan is--" Helena began to say but before she could finish the entire room seemed to ripple as if it were a lake someone had just thrown a stone into.
The gathered women's vision blurred for but a moment... but as soon as they returned the room they were sitting in changed considerably. No longer was it the sparse functional meeting place for the Birds of Prey. No, instead it was filled with lush carpets, large bookshelves filled with first edition tomes of classic literature, crystal chandeliers, multiple portraits on the wall giving the clocktower the appearance of an old Victorian mansion... and in the center of the room was an antique circular oak table surrounded by four thrones that the women now sat.
"I'm sorry, I lost my train of thought for a moment" Helena said gruffly.
"Don't worry about it, darling." Barbara responded haughtily.
Mojo smiled at his new group of women... as he looked up their facts
Helena Shaw, The Queen of Hunts. Her long black hair tied with a red ribbon into a pony tail... she wore a purple long coat, vest, and an ascot that only helped to accentuate her cleavage. She had all of Shaw's powers and domineering personality as well as the Huntresses own natural skills.
Barbara Frost, the Queen of Bats. Her hair had changed to a Strawberry blonde and her outfit had shifted into a purple latex lingerie set and stiletto heels that most people would have trouble walking in let alone the acrobatic skills that Ms. Frost can pull off without issue. Personality wise, Mojo of course stuck with Hellfire Club era Emma... so he didn't have to risk any of that pesky conscience of hers... no, Barbara is an entirely ruthless and self serving bitch... in fact she probably only is a part of the club because she needed something to do.
Zinda Wyngard, the Queen of Hawks. she is dressed similar to Helena only in all black. She is a weasly trickster that loves causing misdirection and sowing Chaos.
Finally of course was Dinah Grey, the Queen of Canaries.  this Stawberry Blonde used to be a good girl... until Barbara and Zinda got a hold of her and convinced her that she was always a slutty bad girl... perhaps the kinkiest of the four Dinah walks around in black leather lingerie and always wears a spiked collar... even if she ever learned the truth she probably wouldn't think of leaving her wonderful new friends.
Mojo smiled as the Hellfire Club and Birds of Prey merged seamlessly... of course he had to make a few changes here and there... like all 4 of them were now Bisexual to get over the issues of Jason and Sebastian now being women... but that just meant the audience would get to watch them fuck more people and they'd love that... of course he never did figure out what to call this new group... he figured that would work itself out.

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