Laneiac takes her sweet, little she-boi "Clarke Lane" out shopping for clothes, her inhuman form flaunted for all to see.

by Anzaleth
Storyline What the heck is this???
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"Superboi? Lois, I--"

"Yes, I permit only you to call me by that old pet name, though in truth I am Laneiac. Now then, it is time for you to find something more appropriate to wear. Come."

Clark knew he needed to figure out what was going on, that it was something very terrible. However, staring at Laneiac's cold inhuman features, like some goddess' statue, hearing her mechanical patronizing voice. He felt so weak and confused.

"Come, little Clarke."

Laneiac held out her hand. 

* * *

"Oh, darling," Hippolyta said. "Perhaps your man can give us a hand."

"Yes, mother?" Ophelia asked.

"We need a host of strapping young men to serve us on Penguin Island -- carrying our things, feeding us delicious tidbits, pleasuring our beautiful bodies...."

"Of course," the former Wonder Woman said. 

"Well, perhaps he can facilitate that."

"Hmmm," Ophelia tapped her chin. "Maybe some sort of Wayne Enterprises work abroad program for university students. Travel to other countries and help those in need."

"Waugh! Waugh!" Hippolyta said. "That would be perfect! My big old cunt is dripping with so much need!"

* * *

"No, wait -- mhhhphhh!" Iris' words were cut off as Beryl Snart thrust her tongue between Iris' lips, savagely frenching her as she squeezed Iris' ass.

The Riddling Witch chuckled as she watched Beryl dominate Iris. It was so romantic!

* * *

Laneiac strode through the department store, flaunting her inhuman form for all to see. She was accompanied by the confused "Clarke Lane." He was wearing an old pink top and skinny jeans of Lois', which were closer in size. They were still too big for the petite little she-boi, but better than Clark's own outfit.

Laneiac's hair crackled with psychic energy, making sure that everyone who saw the intimidating robot and her petite, effeminate toy would perceive it as being totally normal.

"I require new clothes for my sweet, little she-boi," she said to the nearest clerk. "What clothes would show everyone what a soft little sexy cutie he is?" 

Superboi squirmed. He knew this was all very wrong, but it was hard to do anything. Laneiac was such a powerful, intimidating figure. It was so much easier to do what she said. It made Clarke feel good and stiff and squirmy. 

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