Hippolyta talks with her daughter about her new feelings

by burke_rakers
Storyline What the heck is this???
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   "Oh, Mother! You look so...beautiful!" Cried the current 'Ophelia Cobblepot' as she gazed with adoration on the holographic images before her. Bruce had known he'd done the right thing when his beautiful bride-to-be had all but swooned at the costly assortment of jewels, gems, rings, necklaces and trappings he'd bought for her. A trip to a tailor for several dozen silken gowns, as well as custom designed tuxedos and top hats, and then to the most expensive restaurant in Gotham to dine on a meal so costly that its' price would have supported an average family for a year. Her delight was infectious, and soon he and she were making out in the dressing rooms and restrooms of the places he took her. Her body and her personality no longer seemed wrong, as she was obviously so delighted with them. She seemed to revel in her shortness as much as her overblown obesity. Her rounded face, wobbling chin, cute dimples and beaky nose now seemed...absolutely perfect.

   And though it seemed somehow wrong...the image of the former Amazon's before him now also seemed absolutely perfect.
   She was gigantic.. All around her huffed, fussed, gorged and squawked dozens of short, fat little woman in various tuxedos and rakish top hats, all with cunning umbrellas held in plump little hands. A wafting curtain of cigarette smoke drifted over the crowd. Some were white or black or Asian...but all of them were feasting with casual abandon on plates, platters and piles of costly food. They ate like most people breathed - unconsciously and continually. They didn't even seem aware of it till Ophelia pointed it out...then though they tried to control themselves for a moment or two, they soon fell to with a vengeance.
   Hippolyta was the most astounding though. Her face was both astoundingly beautiful AND utterly Penguin-like in every way. Her face was so fat it was oval. Her body so fleshy and round it should have been immobile...but was instead what she'd have called ' comfortably cumbersome', as she waddled and flounced about - long, diamond encrusted cigarette holder waving theatrically about in her fat, ring-heavy fingers. Her nose was so beaky and long...monocle so glittering...voice so silky with smokey seductions yet also shrill with birdy cries.
   "Wak? You think...I'm beautiful?" she squawked and burbled like a brooding hen before continuing "I must confess that I (wak-wak) suspected, and yet it's nice to hear. We were going to confront you about...something, and yet hearing that you and this man mean to marry fills like broody old heart with delight! You MUST marry HEAR, mortal man! Let's this ancient island of gluttonous old birds and (wak-wak-wak) self indulgent schemers welcome you! I invite you to Penguin Island!"
   "Lois?" He asked, as the silvery biomechanoid marriage of Hajime Sorayama-inspired 'erotica' and Coluan science. She was smooth, sexy and strangely mechanical as she sauntered into the room with all the grace of a robotic gymnast. Her smooth, silvery metal limbs moved with an even fluidity that made him moan in horror...and yet also in need. She was so beautiful...yet so deadly. Her face was like a frozen mask of his Lois, and her glowing red eyes shown with lovely intensity. Instead of hair, her head was surmounted with a glittering crystal half-dome of crystal and light. Entirely mechanical, she spoke with a smooth, cool tone that was not quite motherly...but almost.
   "Yes, Clark. I am here. Though not as I once was. I am 'Laneiac' now, and you...my small, sweet little darling, are my soft, sexy little lover.  Not a Superman anymore...you shall be my darling Superboi."
   "Hello, my lovely Iris..." purred the silky, pouty voice of Lisa Snart. "...how's my girl doing? Looking so fine and fresh and just waiting for your Barry Allen to sweep you off your feet? Well, that's not gonna happen, honey. Your old beau caught a one way trip to nonexistence, thanks to my friend the Riddling Witch."
   Iris West backed away from the pair of costumed women - one green and question marks and the other in a short, fur-lined figure skaters outfit that she knew all too well. She was Lisa Smart...the Golden Glider. One of the Flashes least balanced foes. Something about her face though...under the thick tumble of golden Farrah Fawcett hair...seemed so familiar...
   "Flash? F-f-f-flash, is that..."
   Beryl Snart - once Barry Allen - swept Iris into a passionate embrace, her mouth hungry for her.
   Beryl Snart now, babe...and when we're married, you'll be Iris Snart. Won't that be fun? Enough of this crime fighting getting between the two of us though, Iris. From here on in I'm going to fill your life with jewels and money. I'm going to drowned you in more glittering 'bling' than you've ever imagined. You aren't going to miss that loser Barry for a second, babe...you're going to be too busy eating pussy..."

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