Stay with Sue

by exidor455
Storyline Sexy Loci
Characters Invisible Woman
Category Corruption
Previous Chapter Outside the Law office.

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Sue greeted Reed with a quick and passionless kiss, then attempted to appear interested as he began to prattle on at her about whatever ‘fascinating’ scientific project was currently taking up all his time and attention.

After a while, he asked her about her own day. She was about to mention the strange business about inheriting a building from a  stranger, but then the impulse to keep it from him came back to her more forcefully. The time wasn’t right for him to know yet. It had to be the little secret of the four who had inherited it, for now…

So she just said she’d had some meetings in town and done a little shopping, nothing too interesting. Then he launched into another scientific lecture.

Her mind drifted back to the pornography. It was something she’d never really thought about before, but now she found it fascinating. Where was the harm in it? It wasn’t illegal, if everyone involved was a consenting adult. And it probably gave a healthy release to the people who enjoyed it. She wondered what it must be like for the people who worked in the industry. She imagined it must be very fulfilling work. VERY fulfilling. She began to imagine herself involved in the business side of it and even, maybe, as a performer…

She thought back to that massive black cock, and the exquisite image of the gorgeous blonde who took the full impressive length of it down her throat. So expertly, and skilfully. She thought back to the MILF who was taking a glorious ass-fucking from that tattooed young punk. Imagine if that MILF was her!

As she was musing over these strange new thoughts, she was barely aware of her husband. He noticed that she seemed distracted and oddly flustered but there was nothing unusual about that. He often found that other people found it hard to share his passion for the scientific projects that engrossed him so completely, and they got impatient when he gave them one of his lengthy info-dumps. He gave her another kiss, said he hoped she’d enjoy the rest of her day, then went back to his experiments.

Sue was alone once more. She went back to the computer and re-activated the holo-displays, once again seeing a glorious array of thrilling sexual adventures play out before her widening eyes. She arched an eyebrow and smiled, as her gaze flitted from one scene to the next. Almost without realising it, she opened her thighs and began to rub gently at the centre of her white panties as she studied the fascinating videos.

She was vaguely aware that she had to research the building she and the others had inherited, but there was no hurry. She took one of her credit cards out of her jacket pocket and  set up subscriptions to several of the more enticing porn sites. She would have to study these videos more closely…

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