That night, Bruce Wayne...received a questionnaire on his computer.

by Anzaleth
Storyline The Online Questionnaire
Previous Chapter Rikki tries to convince Batman that she used to be a guy

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Bruce Wayne woke-up in the middle of the night, feeling surprisingly hungry. 

Beside him, on the bed, Regina moaned and clutched the sheets and muttered in his sleep: "Big Daddy, Robin needs her big ol' bat-dick. Show yer horny ol' Robin why you gots the best tools in Gotham."
Bruce smiled and patted Regina's head, and headed to the fridge to see what Alfred had left.
He found a turkey sandwich and was idly chewing on it as Bruce glanced into the study to see his computer screen was on.
He wandered in out of curiosity and sat down in front of the screen.
There was text on the screen:  "I have questions for you."
Bruce raised an eyebrow. What is this from?
"What kind of cross-dresser are you?"
"Young and sassy tart? Sensual and sexy hottie? Mature and rapacious cougar?"
Bruce raised an eyebrow as the timer counted down from 10 to 0. The three boxes flashed and then settled on "mature and rapacious cougar."
The next question:
"What is your make-up style?"
"Bright and exuberant? Clear and restrained? Dark and extravagantly mysterious?"
This time Bruce selected "dark and extravagantly mysterious."  He felt an urge to figure out where exactly all of this was heading. There was a tingling that was travelling up his body.
* * * 
While Bruce was now trapped inside the questionnaire, Regina Robin continued to moan in her sleep and rub his "big ol' black dick."
"Oooo, Big Daddy, you wan' me to punish dis bad girl? Yeah, Daddy, I'll slap her face with dis big ol' black mutha fucka. Mmmmm, you likes when yer Robin punishes yer other girls, Daddy."
Little did she know that her "Big Daddy" was staying just as big, but now would have other extracurricular activities as well that would be fun for the eager dark-skinned slut.

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