Bruce Wayne transforms into a horny cross-dressing rich bitch cougar

by burke_rakers
Storyline The Online Questionnaire
Previous Chapter That night, Bruce Wayne...received a questionnaire on his computer.

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   Alfred Pennyworth brought breakfast up the Master Bruce, know in that he and Robin would be having breakfast in bed. It...seemed strange that the two of them would be breakfasting together. It seemed almost...wrong. What could be wrong? It was...so confusing. But then...this was a confusing morning. He kept having flashes of unreality that tore at his natural ideas and memories and ideas of how the manor had always been. For example, when he woke...he felt the need to go to he great portrait painting in the main room, light candles before it, and...worship it? The portrait was...different. not the proud elder Waynes but...(don't say it)...different. One figure only...dressed in black...

   He'd dropped to his knees and groveled before it, gasping and grinding his crotch in both hands. He finally came in a wet *sploosh* that felt both deeply shameful, and...absolutely perfect. He'd reached down the front of his trousers and drew out his fingers, glistening with his own spent. He licked them with a zellots reverence for the sacred before making breakfast and now...he was standing outside the door...hand raised to knock.
   Don't do it. Leave. Flee. Forget this place.
   Sweating and feeling nausious, he knocked on the door.
   Regina answered the door, dressed in red and green lingerie with a cape-like billow of yellow morning gown. He was black, bawdy, big-titted and ass-heavy...save for his huge pornstars cock.
   He smiled, and husked "Mornin' Alfie...jus' put dat down on de bed an' let Regina hab a look at chu. Damn, but you a fine looking stud. Gotta wonder what it'd be like..."
   Down, you bad boi. You know that in the morning...Mamma gets first taste."
   Giggling like a naughty school girl Regina stepped back...and let...
   ...let Mamma...
   ...take over.
   It was...Master Bruce...it was obviously Master Bruce, but...
   He sauntered from the massive walkin closet looking like some Amazonian goddess. His body was tall, strongly muscled and put on display by a leather dominatrix costume. Hip-high boots with sadisticly arched and pointed ballet heels that gave him a dominating height of nearly 7 feet. His hips padded and plush, though obviously the hips of a man. His waist was corseted and squeezed into an impossible hourglass that suggested sadistic self-control, and counterbalenced with a set of gloriously fake brrasts that looked like the nose cones of MX missiles. Broad and intimidating shoulders, powerful arms - smooth, hairless, built for grace and violence. Broad, bullish neck supported the face of a sultry, sadistic angel. Master Bruce! It was Master..
...Madame Fledermaus. He was 'Madame Fladermaus'. The Dominatrix of Gotham. The Dark Knight Diva. The Queen of Cougars. Having lost his own parents to criminals, Bruce had devoted himself to living 24/7 as a living, breathing symbol of discipline to teach the criminal underworld a lesson they'd never forget. His face was the face of a Wayne, yet his strong jaw and cheekbones couldn't distract from his obvious beauty. His lips had been sculpted into a perfectly kissable pout and coated with dark purple lipstick. Smokey blush and shadow...feathery lashes...brows that were sculpted into perfect arches...long, black hair that hung down his back and over one shoulder in sensual Lauren Bacall waves. He was beauty, seduction and violence all rolled up into one impossible to resist package. Though obviously a man and hung lie a bear, his every pose, movement and motion was one of unmistakable femininity.
   Alfred knew this was who young Bruce had grown into. Knew this was his goddess. Knew that he would always be loyal. But for a moment, he had to resist the urge to turn and run...
   Regina Robin came up behind him and draped one smooth chocolate brown arm over his shoulder...long nails tracing his nipples.
   Madame Fledermaus slipped his hand into Alfrids pants...rubbing his cock as he whispered commands to him. "Cum for me, worm. Cum for me, snake. Lowest of the low, you belong to me, maggot. Who does this cock belong to? Who owns this trouser worm? Who owns you? Say it....say it..."
   Alfred began to shudder and cry in a mix of emotions. Fear...horror...shock...shame...submission...
   "Ma-ma-madame owns it. Madame...madame owns everything. Madame owns me. I-I-I am...nothing before the g-g-glory of m-m-my...imperious Madame..."
   Regina giggled and slipped his own huge cock into Alfred's ass, and he groaned as Regina pumped into him without asking permission. Why should he? This msn belonged to his mistress, after all...and Madame was so generious to his friends
   Bruce. Dick. Help...
   The hand around his cock squeezed so hard that he cried out in agony.
   "Madame who?" He asked, his voice purring and silky as a knife slipped from a sheath.
   (Years ago...Bruce dressing like a sultry vixen, yet nothing like the wicked sex goddess he would become. He was lounging by the fire while Alfred fed him peeled grapes. Bruce was obviously deep in thought.
   Then a crash...a shower of glass...as a huge bat smashed through the window.
   Bruce shot to his stiletto-heeled feet, crying out "It's a sign, Alfred! I've become a dominatrix, studied combat, martial arts and criminology, yet only to improve myself! Yet...no longer. Criminals are a cowardly, superstitious lot! From this day forward, I shall become a creature of the night! I shall become...Madame Fledermaus!)
   "Madame Fledermaus! Madame Fledermaus! You are Madame Fledermaus!"
   With a gush he came, and Madame cupped it in his hands...brought it to his own lips...took it in, then kissed him...spitting his own cum into his mouth just as Regina cried out and moaned through his own climax. Alfred felt...wonderful! To be the property of so wonderful a mistress as Madame Fledermaus was a dream come true. With a song in his heart, he bowed before Madame and his own favorite creation, and saying "I shall return for the tray later. Good morning, mistress. Good morning, Regina."
   As he left, he thrilled to hear Regina comment "Dat white boy gotta ass to set fo' dinner. Any day that starts wit' Alfies ass is a good day."

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