Madame Fledermaus and Robin hop in the Batmobile that evening...

by Anzaleth
Storyline The Online Questionnaire
Previous Chapter Bruce Wayne transforms into a horny cross-dressing rich bitch cougar

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That night Madame Fledermaus and Robin strode towards the Batmobile.

The elegant cross-dresser was dressed in his leather dominatrix outfit, but had added a long black bat-cape and a black mask (with no back, so that his gorgeous hair could hang free. His stiletto heels clicked on the floor and he was smoking a cigarette in a long elegant holder.

"Gonna do some punishment, Big Mamma?" Robin asked. The she-male was dressed in a brightly coloured outfit like the original Robin outfit, except this one was low-cut to show-off plenty of cleavage and the green shorts were more of a speedo that showed the outline of the she-male's throbbing cock and whose back was enveloped by Robin's huge black buttcheeks.

"Yes, dear," the cross-dressing cougar cooed. "Some bad little boys and girls need Mamma to teach them some manners."

"Mmmm," Robin cooed as she activated a new feature on the Batmobile, causing a dildo to rise up from the seat. The eager she-male slid her huge black ass around the shaft. "Yeahhh. I like having mah buns wrapped around somethin' big. Let's go strike some fear intah dem baddies, Mamma."

The Batmobile roared off, the movements of the powerful vehicle causing Regina Robin to moan.

* * * 

Lois Lane stared in confusion at the questionnaire that had appeared on her screen.

How big are your muscles? Are they as big as a superhero's? As big as a body-builder's? As big as a gorilla's?

"What the heck is this?" she asked herself.

* * *

Alfred was dusting  the mansion. His outfit looked relatively normal, but it was a little tight, a little more form-fitting. And of course there was now the cock-cage and the vibrator in his ass, both held firmly in place, and keeping him in desperate need.

If he did a good job, his mistress -- his goddess -- would reward him, and let him cum. Maybe even on Madame's beautiful, perfect leg.

The doorbell rang....

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