Becky wins

by Darking
Storyline Marvel Mindwipe
Characters Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)
Category Mind Control Memory Manipulation
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Becky St. Jude AKA: Lockdown knew all she had to do was wait, once Ms. Marvel found out she was back in New Jersey it wouldn’t be long before the heroine came to try and take her back to prison.  Every time Becky had gone up against Ms. Marvel the heroine always beating her no matter what she had tried. 

Lockdown had thought about giving up on beating Jersey City hometown hero until she received a package from some company call MW Inc. Along with a letter that stated that she had been one of several randomly selected to receive their newest product free of charge. The letter went on to say with the three devices that they had sent her she would able to mindwipe anyone she wished.  As she understood it after a target was “Mindwipe” she would be able to use one of the three items to rewrite the victim's mind anyway she pleased. The first device looked like a ray guy form one of those sci-fi movies from the fifties, the second was a circular device that was clearly and the third kind look like an iPad which seemed the control for the second device.

Becky picked up the ray gun as she wondered if this plan would really work. Suddenly she heard the loud crashing sound of a door broken down.  It seems Ms. Marvel feels need to make a dramatic entrance today, Lockdown thought as she spun around to face her foe.  Then without any hesitation, she fired a green beam out lanced from the gun, hitting the hero. However, nothing seemed to be happening.


“Gee, it doesn’t look like your new toy works too well, Basic Becky.”  Becky gritted her teeth in anger she hated when Ms. Marvel called her that.


Kamala had been worried for a moment when Lockdown had shot her with that ray gun but it didn’t seem to be doing anything at. Looks your plan fails again Lockdown time to knock you into next week. She raised her fist and took a step toward Becky St. Jude. “embi…”  Suddenly she stopped she was about to say something but she couldn’t remember what.   Why am I here she wondered she knew she was here to do something but couldn’t recall what it was.   Something wrong it was like her thought and memories were slipping away.  Get hold of yourself Kam.. Cam..  I can’t remember my name what happening to...me.


Lockdown watched in amusement “What’s the matter, Ms. Marvel, getting forgetful I bet you don’t’ even know your own name.”  She said mocking the heroine.

Ms. Marvel glared “Shut up whoever you are I...I...I Uhhhh.”    As the last of her memories and thoughts drained away she stopped talking her mouth simply hung open and her eyes became vacant.

Becky St. Jude smiled she won, she picked up the circular device and placed it on Ms. Marvel’s head. Picking up the control device she thought about how she would rewrite Ms. Marvel’s brain maybe turn Jersey’s own hero in a villain or maybe turn her into a sex-obsessed bimbo. There were some many options to choose from.  She couldn’t wait to get started she pressed the activation button on the control device.



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