Another delivery is made

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Suit Up!
Characters She-Hulk
Category Corruption
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Jen walked into the hotel with the coffee shop coffee in her hand when one of the security guards walked over to her.

“One second ma’am,” He said quietly and nodded his head over to Conceire’s desk.

Jen looked over and saw a girl in a delivery service uniform with the concierge and a large box on the desk. 

“Is everything ok?” Jen asked.

“We are making sure,” the guard smiled, “Enjoying the coffee?  I get mine from the same place every morning.”

“It’s good,” Jen admitted, “Not the one from my apartment building…”

Jen shrugged and the guard smiled. The delivery girl left without the box and once she was gone, the concierge flicked his ear and the guard gestured to head over. 

“Miss Walters?” the man smiled, “Jennifer Walters, Attorney at Law?”

“Yes?” Jen answered by asking.

“Were you expecting a package from Van Dyne Designs?” he asked.

“Oh,” Jen smiled, “Janet?  No, but she knows I am here and she loves to have me wear her custom outfits.”

“Would you like us to scan the package?” the man smiled.

“Sure,” Jen smiled.

The concierge picked up the platter that the box was on and put it in a sort of mini-fridge.  Jen realized that it was one of those recent “Universal Threat Detectors,” and it was a Waynetech model rather than the Van Dyne Industries ones she had at her office and apartment building.  The Concierge brought the linked tablet to the desk and held it so Jen could see the results as well. 

“We have many high profile guests, Madame,” the man said, “We have to take measures to protect our guests against some of the more interesting threats.”

It looked like a suit and a pair of boots.  The scanner came up with normal materials, everyday contaminates and while the outfit was made from something unidentified nothing came up as even slightly dangerous.

“It is to your liking?” the concierge asked.

“I know who sent it,” Jen smiled, “I’ll see if it is good for my meeting today.”

“Will you be needing any help bringing it back to your room?” he asked.

“No,” Jen smiled, “I can handle it. Thanks.”

Jen took the box under one arm and held her coffee cup in her other hand.  She went up to her room and thought to herself in the elevator.  She had been sent over to LA to handle a litigation for her law firm since she had passed the Bar in California as well as New York State.  Jen went into her room and put the box on the bed.  She drank her coffee, then took a shower.  Walking out of the bathroom in a bath-towel Jen went back to the package on the bed.  She opened it, and inside was a black suit, a white blouse, a pair of boots, an envelope of lingerie and a note. 

“Hay! I wanted you to be the first to try it out.  We just started manufacturing Reed’s Unstable fabric and I figured this suit would be perfect for both of you.  Love Ya!” Jen read aloud, “That would be Janet alright, but why the computer printout instead of her cursive hand writing on the company letter head?  Whatever.”

Jen opened the bag and pulled out the fake silk panties.  She pulled on them and they stretched to be big enough for her cousin to wear as well.  She pulled off the towel and pulled on the white bikini bottom and then grabbed the corselet.  At the bottom of the lingerie bag was a pair of Cuban heeled seemed stockings.  Jen pulled them on and modeled herself in front of the hotel room’s full length mirror.  She smiled, and fixed the suspender straps of the corset onto the tops of the stockings.  Jen went back and grabbed the boots.  She started playing with them, stretching and bending the low heeled ankle boots.  She put them back on the bed and grabbed the pants.  They would be tightly fitted and had a side zip and button closure on her right.  Jen admired the purple liner and pulled them on but didn’t close them yet.  Jen pulled the blouse and put it on buttoning it.  Jen took a deep breath.  That was silly she chided herself.  She went over all the molecular biology of her breathing mentally and thought about all the time and money she had spent on learning everything possible.  Jen liked the neck line of blouse and how it showed off her “Girls”.  She smiled as she looked back at the legal documents in the designer lady’s briefcase.  She had passed the Bar exam in all fifty states, Canada, the UK and Japan.  Jen looked back in the mirror, she smiled as she posed.  She was more than fit to handle the legal aspects of the corporate negotiations.  Jen took a deep breath and forced herself to “hulk out.”  Jen smiled as the outfit only got slightly tighter as she grew bigger and greener.  She posed again.  Jen thought about how she had used her cousin Bruce to enhance herself.  The fact was that while she was smart enough, Bruce had discovered the key to Gamma Enhancement Mutation by accident.  Jen smiled and cupped her “Girls” to show them off.  GEM was the key to enabling her to stand up in a fight against Superman.  Sure she had all the cutting edge weapons in the world at her disposal, but once it got to close range even the best armor suit would only do so much to prevent a normal human from a Kryptonian rage.  Jen shrunk back down to normal human proportion and went back to the bed and put on the boots.  The fitted half calf black stiletto heeled boots fit her perfect.  She picked up the jacket and pulled it on.  She smiled at the detail of the Luthorcorps L logo embossed on the black metal buttons and embroidered in purple lining.  Jen pulled her red dyed shoulder length hair out of the collar of the jacket and went back to the mirror. 

“I am going to make those shits bend to my will,” Jen smiled, “Jennifer Luthor always gets what she wants.  And one of these days I will beat Superman into submission and he will provide me with his DNA so I can give birth to the future rulers of the World!”

For now, she had to keep her secret identity as the She-Hulk as secret.  Only her, Batman, Superman, her cousin Bruce Banner, her vapid superhero friend Janet the Wasp Van Dyne and her gal pal Mercy knew her dual identities. 

Jen pulled her cell phone and hit the speed dial.

“Mercy,” Jen said, “How was the presidential suite?  No one here suspects anything, I got plenty of work done.  I will be waiting in the lobby.”

Jennifer Luthor smiled imagining how wonderful it would be to have Superman plunging his meat into her green hulk snatch!

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