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by colleem
Storyline Suit Up!
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Natasha opened the door and threw her bag into the apartment. A look inside the apartment told her that she hadn't visited it for a long time. She had about 2 dozen apartments in New York and changed each apartment in certain periods. That she was now part of the Avengers, she found it increasingly difficult to do undercover missions. After all, the Avengers were in action all over the world and so their face was better known than their love. But now they have had real peace for some time. It's almost boring. Since all the super villains had disappeared, everything went a quieter pace. At first Tony and Steve were worried that a new group of Masters of Evils had formed. But they hadn't discovered anything yet and even Shield didn't know where they were going. They were said to have been swallowed off the face of the earth. Since the group suddenly had nothing more to do, each of them went his own way again. Most of them had also neglected their own tasks and these for far too long. Natasha would hear from Nick soon and hopefully have a new mission for her. But for that time, she'd lift her legs up a little. Since she hadn't been here for a long time, there was a stack of mail and a larger package in her box and with her legs on the table, she went through the individual letters. The package would open last. 
"Advertising, advertising, advertising." Laughed them and threw the letters into the trash can. When she finally got the package, she wondered at first that no sender was marked. Immediately the agent was awakened in her and so she scanned the object before she opened it. However, the scanner showed that the package was not dangerous and had no dangerous content. 
When she opened it she saw an Asian looking costume and 5 plastic rings. Laughing loudly, she realized it was a cheap version of the Mandarin rings. While the rings themselves were cheap plastic, the costume seemed exceptionally well made. When she unpacked it, it was an Asian dress, which seemed to be very figure-hugging and which at first glance would emphasize her figure well. Above were several layers of different pieces that completed the costume of the disappeared super villain. Must be some stupid fun from Tony or something. 
Even if it somehow appealed to her to wear the costume once she had more important things to do at the moment. She packed the costume neatly in the cupboard and put the rings with it. For some reason, however, she took a ring and pulled it onto her left ring finger. Looking at him, she was about to take it off when she suddenly looked at her empty Ringlosen finger and wondered why she did it. Meanwhile, the ring changed from a simple plastic ring to an artistic ring of gold and silver. The liar would make sure Natasha would never take it off again. Soon the Mandarin would rise again. 
It was only thanks to Natasha's indescribable willpower that she was not immediately succumbed to the effect of the costume but the magic behind it would sooner or later overpower her. 
After a strenuous workout and final study of the shield data, Natasha sat in front of the TV with a cup of ice cream and enjoyed the program. Finally she went to bed and fell asleep relatively quickly. 

Smiling, Lady Mandarin stood in front of the mirror and stroked her immaculate body with her hands. She was satisfied, however, that her power was limited. The will of these mortals was impressive. And in her current state, she was still too weak to stay in this body for much longer. She had only one ring and even if this was powerful, she lacked the power of all rings. She'd need help. Luckily for her, she knew where another package with a costume was stashed. 

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