In the dark of the night

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Suit Up!
Characters Batwoman (Kate Kane) Batman Power Girl
Category Corruption
Previous Chapter Lady Mandarin uses the Night to deliver a Passage by her own Hand

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The silent alarm was purposefully set off.  Batman knew that something was up.  The sky light had a small green envelope taped to the glass.  As if there was any doubt about who it was from or for, in the upper left corner was a question mark and in the middle was a bat logo like a standard US letter envelope.  In the upper right corner was a “Stamp” of a cat in a cowboy hat with a postage mark over it for Winnemucca Nevada, 89445.  Batman thought to himself.  He carefully pulled the envelope and looked at the back… nothing, the envelope was open, no sign of the adhesive having been used.  He opened it and inside was a silver dollar.  Something about this was different from how the Riddler normally did his thing. 

“Who is still inside?” Batman asked over the communications link then sighed at the response, “Ok Spoiler, get to a terminal and start pulling everything on cat ranches and Winnemucca Nevada, zip code 89445 and run the zip code number by itself.  Also look into the year 1902, Morgan Silver Dollars and Carson City Mint.  Send it to my HUD when you get it.”

Seeing that the skylight was already open, and there were no signs of finger prints Batman jumped down to the upper floor overlooking the banks atrium main room. 

Batman looked around and there was no sign of anyone.  He checked as much as he could while remaining in the shadows, but still no one.

“Tell me Batman, who are legal to render services in France but it is a crime to hire them?” a voice rang out. 

It sounded like Karan was doing a Riddler impersonation.  Batman had long suspected Clark’s trans dimensional cousin was unstable, but it seemed that she had lost it entirely.

“Oh don’t tell me you don’t know,” Karan’s voice sounded more and more like the Riddler’s. 

Batman went to the bank vault.  It was open.  Inside, Batman found a disturbing and arousing sight.  It was Karan, wearing a green rubber minidress with a big black question mark on her chest, a red wig, purple mask and purple stripper sandals.  

“Would you buy this for a dollar?” she said as she turned around and bent over table in the middle for the safety deposit boxes and let the purple trim of her skirt hike up showing off her lack of underwear and sexual excitement.  It was then that an entry appeared in his HUD, “The Pussy Cat Ranch, Winnemucca NV, 89445, Licensed Brothel.”

“Prostitution is a crime in Gotham,” Batman intoned.

“And if I give it to you freely?” Karan had sprinted at super speed to be behind Batman, feeling his ass, “Is that a crime?”

“There is still Solicitation, breaking and entry,” Batman tried to stay calm and focused.

A blink and Karan had her back to Batman’s chest and was rubbing up and down against him.

“It sounds like I’m a bad girl,” Karan grinned, “Maybe you should spank me…”

Batman fought to keep himself under control, even if Riddler here was out of her head.

“Or do I need to be more feline themed to hold your attention?” Karan spun around and whispered in Batman’s ear, “Oh I have the attention of your Bat-batton, would you like to hide it in my cave?”

Batman was about to say something when Karan cut him off.

“Opps, sounds like my time is done,” Karan backed off him, “Don’t worry I will be at the meet between Wayne Tech and Nigma Enterprises Tuesday, no underwear.”

With that Karan disappeared.  Seconds later they arrived.

“Get in here,” Batman ordered, “Batgirl, see if the computers were touched. Nightwing, help me check the boxes for sighs of tampering.”


Hours later Pepper Pots, staggered into her kitchen and turned on the coffee machine.  She started her morning cup of life and then turned to head back into the bathroom.  And her way she spotted the box that had been delivered in the night.  Once she got her shower she would see what the hell was so important about it…


Kate had just gotten off her treadmill when the doorbell rang.  It was a private currier from Wayne Tech.  About a second after opening the door she realized that she had made the kids day.  Kate quickly grabbed the digital recipt pad and held it in front of her sweat soaked sports top and signed for the box.  She handed it back to the kid and took the cardboard box in return. 

“Have a nice day miss!” the boy smiled as he went back to the elevators.

“Yeah yeah,” Kate muttered to herself as she went inside with the box and closed the door behind her. 

She put the box on the table and reached under the table for the paratrooper knife.  She opened the knife and then opened the box and pulled out a note. 

“Have uncovered a ‘cat cult’ had this made so you can infiltrate it,” Kate read, “Shouldn’t you send the cat bitch in to deal with that?  No, Selina would just try to recruit them and make them wear tiger print or something stupid like that… This is nice.”

Kate didn’t realize her voice change from hard to swooning as her hand grabbed the black shiny outfit and held it up.  It was a catsuit, but it had a wide scooped neck like something from the sixties.  It seemed like rubber in her fingers.   Kate immediately took the box with her to the bathroom, showered and took out the catsuit.  She remembered what her friends from the drag club had told her and got out a bottle of baby powder and dusted herself.  In no time her feet were sticking out of the stirups and she was zipping up the back zipper.  Next she got the little kitten heeled ankle boots and put them on, followed by the gold chainmail belt and the coin necklace.  Towards the bottom was a hair band, a catmask, and a pair of gloves.  Kate brushed the front of her hair down and then put on the hair band then brushed her hair back over the band leaving the black cat ears exposed.  She put the mask to her face and it seemed to say by its own volitions.  Finally, she put on the black gloves and admired the gold claws on the ends of her fingers…  She felt gasping for breath for a second and then her head swam, then everything was normal. 

“I think I need more catnaps,” Kate announced to herself and then purred.

She strutted to the full length mirror in her room and admired herself in her catwoman costume.  The tight latex catsuit with its build in corset and hidden crotch zip.  She ran her black leather elbow gloves over herself, relishing the smell and feel of the leather on her latex.  She cocked a knee, so she could admire the half calf boot’s six-inch stiletto heel. 

“Uhmmm,” Kate purred, “I’m going to make Batman unable to resist becoming my pet catnip this time! MEOW! The Catwoman always get what she wants, I am after all, the princess of Plunder!”


Pepper walked to the box in her bathrobe with her hair in a towel and looked at the box.  Time to see what was so damn important to Tony…

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