Something Purple

by colleem
Storyline Suit Up!
Previous Chapter In the dark of the night

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With her coffee in her hand, Pepper sat down in the living room. While she was watching the economic news and sipping her beloved coffee, she looked at the damn package. What was Tony thinking sending a UPS courier to her door in the middle of the night? Suddenly her remorse came if it hadn't perhaps been something incredibly urgent. Something Tony put in danger because she didn't open it right away. On the other hand, nothing at all could be heard on the news. There were neither aliens nor any other madmen the Avengers had challenged out. On the contrary. For weeks everything had been unusually quiet in the world and out of sheer boredom Tony had even appeared at a board meeting. Okay. He fell asleep after ten minutes, but he was there after all. 
With the cup in her hand she sat down next to the package and opened it slowly. She could see a business suit in a fine protective cover. In a deep Purple. Usually that wasn't her color at all, but at first sight this one seemed quite nice. So she unpacked it and put the individual pieces over the sofa. Consisting of a purple latex mini skirt, a blouse in a very dark silky fabric and a jacket matching the skirt. In addition, there were high heeled latex boots that went almost to the knee. 
At first Pepper thought Tony was kidding her or one of her many admirers had taken the liberty of making a stupid joke. She would never wear something like that. For no money in the world would she wear a latex skirt like that. And then this color. Rolling her eyes, she sipped on her coffee and sighed.
"Like I'd ever wear something like that." She pondered before she went on. "Without wearing the matching pieces for underneath. I wonder how Tony will react when he kneels in front of me and licks my latex covered pussy. Now that I finally have his trust, it's time to get through him to my real destination." Grinned her and massaged her left breast through her dressing gown. Pepperia Killpots, or as friends called her, Honeypot, has always worked to humiliate Tony Stark. And what could be more appropriate than screwing his best friend Steve Rogers right in front of him? Thanks to her gift she would wrap the good captain around her finger once she had cleared Tony out of the way. She had been using that idiot Killgrave to distract him for years. It was only thanks to her that Purple Man had ever had his strength. And distracted and misled Tony for so long that he hadn't even noticed that his most loyal employee had actually woven her net around him. Now the time had finally come to strike. Finally the time had come for Purple Mistress. 
She went to her closet and pressed a secret button inside. This opened a secret chamber behind it. There she had stashed all her beautiful things that Tony was not allowed to see too soon. There were all her disguises she had used to manipulate Purple Man. And also her outfits for her dozens of lovers who had kept themselves. Steve would soon see some of these latex outfits. When she had chosen a nice set she put it on and went back to the package. Attractive, she couldn't stop daydreaming in her head. After closing her blouse, she felt an object inside the blazer. Curious how she was, she picked out a little map. It only had an address and a time on it. Clearly, it was not a handwriting she knew. So who had sent this package? Who knew her so well that he not only knew her favourite colour but also her tendency to seduce. 
She'd pay that admirer a visit tonight. But while she was still thinking about who might have uncovered her. But the ringing of her phone forcibly tore her out of her thoughts. 
"Yes please?" she answered and tried to sound like the pepper pot they knew.
"Hey, Pepper! Could you come into the company, please? I gotta get rid of these weirdos! There's no one better than you," she heard Tony's voice.
"But, of course, Tony. Perfect timing! I have a lot to talk to you about," she smiled sweetly, massaging her breast, "I'll be right in the tower. I'm on my way."

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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