Prologue- A science experiment in Europe

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline World Without Heroes until now
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{Jean-Claude, good morning,} the friendly voice called from the control room.

{Ah, Steven.  Good Morning,} Jean-Claude smiled as he entered, {Is that professor Von Stieger?}

{Yes, Doctor Estelle, I am Professor Von Stieger,}, the woman turned and said in French. {I do understand you.  Even if you have Belgian accents.}

[And I wanted to practice my German,] Jean-Claude smiled, [I understand you are from a German speaking part?]

[Yes.  Kriens in Lucerne.  But I learned French before going to university in Paris,] Von Stieger said, {Shall we get started with todays’ work?}

{Everything is all set,} Steven said, {All of the material has been loaded and all the computers have been programed.  All we need to do is run the start up and let the system run.  Data will be collected automatically for analysis afterwards.}

{Let us get started,} Von Stieger smiled at the two Belgian physicists. 

The startup was simple and the system was mostly automated.  After a half hour of running boredom set in.

{Have you seen the new Avengers movie?} Steven asked.

{Yes I liked it,} Jean-Claude smiled, {I am thinking about taking my wife to see it this weekend.}

{You didn’t watch it with her?} Steven asked.

{No I took my son and she was doing something for her parents,} Jean-Claude shrugged his shoulders, {But my mother can watch my boy this weekend for us so we can have a date.}

{Oh,} Steven sighed, {I would love to have a date with the Black Widow.  What about you Professor? Have you seen the movie?}

{I am not into comic action films,} Von Stieger said, {My husband has seen it.  And loved it as well.}

{What kind of movie do you like?} Steven asked, {If you don’t mind me asking.}

{I like a good comedy,} Von Stieger smiled, {The world is filled with bad news and tragedies, I like to watch comedies.}

{Isn’t that what these comic books and their movies are about?} Jean-Claude asked, {Hope and an escape from the tragedies of the real world?}

{I think we can all agree,} Steven smiled, {The world would be a better place if we had real superheroes to help save us.  Especially if they were all like Black Widow or Wonder Woman.}

{Please excuse him,} Jean-Claude said, {He is still a boy at heart.}

{Don’t tell me you wouldn’t want your dear little house wife to be a Supergirl Jean-Claude,} Steven interjected.

{I would settle for being able to wear those impossible outfits for hours on end without having to deal with the downsides of the real world,} Von Stieger admitted then mumbled under her breath, {And having a reason for my husband to make love to me on a regular basis.}

{So let us get super-women to help save the world,} Steven smiled, {recruit them from the housewives and have them able to wear fantastic outfits and look perfect at all times, as well as have their powers fueled by their husband’s love.  That would be wonderful indeed.}

Inside the particle accelerator a small particular that had been forming from the gathering energy imploded releasing its power into the world. 

{Steven,} Jean-Claude growled, {Don’t you think that was a little too much?}

{My apologies if I offended you Professor,} Steven straightened up.

{It is alright,} Von Stieger said, {This is all harmless daydreaming.  Everything looks good, I do expect your full attention when we go over the data.}

{Of course Professor,} Jean-Claude and Steven smile as they answered the visiting project leader.


Elsewhere a woman sighed as her husband rolled over.  Ten minutes.  That was a record for him these days.  She missed when they first got married, before their kids, they made passionate love for hours… But those days were gone.  Then a tingling started in her.  It felt nice, odd, but nice… She drifted off to sleep thinking of comic book vixens and what it would be like to be one…

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(cont) feeds off of sexual energy and is broadcasting live video of these "games" to their respective universes.
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