Rachel deals with Rogue's issue

by Anzaleth
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"Oh, don't worry, Rogue, dear," Headmistress Rachel said. "The marvelous Mr. Meyer has given Dr. McCoy a drug that he'll inject you with that will give you full control of your powers."

"Full control?" Rogue's eyes went wide. It was her greatest dream come true.
"Yes," Rachel said. "There are some side-effects, such as getting a big boost to your sex-drive and growing a big throbbing she-dick, but I'm sure your sissy TA Gambit will help you deal with that."
"Thank you, headmistress," Rogue gasped, crying in joy. "Ah don't know what to say."
"That's just my nature, dear," the headmistress said. "I have devoted myself to helping mutants become comfortable with their true nature. Now, do any of you other teachers have any questions?"
* * *
Emma Frost giggled as she practiced her cheers with her princesses. There was no way that vapid skank Charlize X and her "X-Gals" or "Red Hotties" or whatever she was calling them these days could win against the Pink Princesses.
Besides, Emma knew one of the judges was Mr. Summers, and Mr. Summers loved her. He was so hot, like a real prince, and Emma was sure that the moment she graduated, he'd marry her. 
Emma snorted disdainfully. She had a "real" boyfriend who bought her pretty things while Charlize spread her legs for anyone who looked at her twice.
She squirmed a little as she imagined being perched in Mr. Summer's lap as he gaze Emma "private tutoring."
* * *
"Let's do some of the sexy making of outs," Starfire said, "and the rubbing of tits and kissing of lips. Then we can record them and send them as messages to Dick to remind him what a tiny-dicked loser he is who can never have princesses like us."
"Sure," Blackfire chuckled. "Sounds fun."
"Oooo, and send them to Beast-Boy too," Starfire giggled. "He is even more of the loser with the tiny dick. Let us give him something to jack off his little green jellybean to as he imagines worshiping our princess butts of the big orangeness."
"Mmmmm, you are so cute when you are such the nasty bitch, sister dearest" Blackfire said as she kissed Starfire.
* * *
"'kay, there are a few ways we can do this, bitch," Mary giggled as she tossed the girl to the floor. "We could cook your brains and make you a mindless fuckbunny, with no thought in your empty head except sucking dick, or we could get you so high on coke that you do anything for the next hit."
"Coke-hos are pretty fun," Spider-Girl grinned.
"Please, don't," the girl sobbed.
"Well, if you're a good bitch, maybe that won't happen," Mary said. "How about you suck my clit, ho-bag, and we'll see where it goes from there?"
* * *
Dick Grayson got a text message on his phone. He looked down.
BatBrat: Dicky, Mr. Alfred is soooo mean! Boo-Hoo!
He stared at the message in confusion.
* * *
The former Wonder Woman smiled as she prepared for her wedding. This was like a dream come true! This was like a fairy tale! To be the wife, and sex-slave to such a wonderful man! Their honeymoon would be on Themyscira, which would become a colony of her husband's country, a true Paradise Island with all the Amazons converted into happy wives or happy slaves or a happy combination of the  two. Queen Hippolyta herself was going to be the personal maid of Diana's fiancee.
Diana was sure her mother would be overjoyed, and so proud of Diana for showing the Amazons their true purpose in life!

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