Headmistress Rachel ends the staff meeting. They have work to do!

by JimmyKasche
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"Alright if there are no other questions we have a young minds to enrich. Oh... and before you leave, Ororo, Betsy, Rogue we need you to submit new Faculty Photos so we can show off that our teachers are some Grade A Fuckmeat. Wear tops that accentuate your fat tits... maybe jack a guy or two off on your face... make yourselves look as fuckable as possible and spread the word to the other female teachers.. I want them done by the end of day"  Rachel said with a smile as the teachers file out.

Rachel grinned and went back to her office knowing that as the teachers spread through the school so would the psychic orders she had implanted... by the end of day the students would only remember the Meyer's institute and how worthless her mother was.

Rachel then looked through her appointment books a potential new student was coming in a few hours for an open house tour... oh she was going to enjoy telling the young girl's parents that she'll be the perfect whore by the time they were through all while they sent whatever money the Headmistress demanded. She loved the look on the students eyes when they hear their parents gleefully accept their daughter was going to get fucked by massive dicks on a daily basis.

But she still had time to kill before that... maybe she'd summon the Young Jean and begin her training to become the prize student... or maybe she'd let the new policy take effect and have her grow to resent the original Jean more first.

"Decisions, decisions." Rachel said out loud tapping her chin it was tough being the Headmistress of an entire school sometimes.


"How is she Mary?" Anya smiles rubbing her crotch through the cut in her spider-suit.

"Honestly?" Mary said with one hand on the back of her head. "She's fucking terrible at it."

"God that's disappointing you'd figure with a body like that she'd be fucking dick and sucking clit 24/7." Spider-girl said

"I Know... it's almost like the little bitch wants to be turned into a mindless little fucktoy. Is that it, little Ho-bag?" Mary says pulling the woman's head back and staring in here eyes.

"Please... I have a daughter." The woman cries.

"Oh... really?" Mary loosens her grip a little and seems to be regretting it. "How old is she?"

"she's 18... and...I'm the only family she has..."

"Fuck... we can get us a 2 for 1!" Mary said with a grin

"Awesome Mommy Daughter duos are always big earners from the fucked up pervs in this town." Anya smiles.

"No..." Before she could finish Mary shoved her face back into her cunt.

"Go check mommy ho's purse for an address... and go pick her up... I'll continue training this bitch... SUCK HO!" Mary said pulling harder on the woman's hair.

"You got it bitch." Anya said blowing a kiss to Mary before pulling a pair of black panties over her spider suit to hide the ripped crotch... "I'll give her the old... Your mom's in trouble, come with me! line... it works like every fucking time." Anya smirks evilly while rummaging through the purse.


"Come this way Anna Marie, step into my office and I'll go over the shot Ms. Meyers described as well as administer it." Hank McCoy said leading the southern beauty into his laboratory.

"Ms. Lebeau should almost be done processing soon... so you can test out your new equipment on her sissy ass immediately." Beast grinned.

"Ah can't wait." Rogue said with a smile.

"Here have a seat." Beast motioned to a chair on the other end of the desk as he begins fumbling through the drawers.

"Alright." Rogue sits.

"Ok... so as Ms. Meyers stated it will give you 100% control over all of your powers... it's side effects do include massively increased sex drive, as well as growth to the uh... penis." Hank says as he continues searching.

"Alright... it's a little strange but also ah'm kinda excited... ah've always wanted to be able to control my powers... not touching someone without killing them kinda ends most dates..." Anna Marie laughs nervously.

"Well I have made a few improvements on the serum since Rachel last saw it... so the uh... she-dick as she put it is also fully within your control as well.  I synthesized a bit with Mystique's DNA... so in theory you should be able to grow it out when you want to use it say to pound your little Sissy TA's asshole and then shrink it back down into your body so say you can walk the halls in your tight shorts without showing off a bulge... or participate in group activities like a common teaching slut." Hank said as he puts the serum on the desk.

"So I could be a slut and a stud? This sounds better and better... I can't wait..." Rogue rolled her sleeve up. "So give it ot me doc."

"You might want to remove your clothes..." Hank said as he got up and held the injector.

"Just give me it already..." Rogue snapped...

"Alright... fine..." Hank pressed the device into Rogue's arm... and suddenly her eyes went wide.

"Wooooow...... it feel soooo goood. ugh...." Rogue moans out as she feels the chemical race through her system... "Ugh... my chest feels... tight..." Suddenly her tits balloon up 3 sizes shredding the tight top she was wearing.

"Sooo... hooot...." Rogue panted again as her hands instinctively began playing with her nipples.... as her pants got tighter and tighter until exploding into tiny pieces of fabric everywhere asd a monster size dick hung from her legs.... "This feels god damned amazing.... I gotta ..." Rogue groans as one of her hands travels from her nipple to her dong pumping it... suddenly a ding is heard and Rogue hears a dainty voice say from behind her.

"Why Ah do Declare! Is all that for little ol' me."

"Yes, Renee and you should probably bend over like a good sissy so Rogue can give you the reward of being a good TA." Beast responds.

Renee giggles as Rogue turns to face the former Gambit.


Harley panted as she looked over her handiwork both Power Tits and Cumslut Marvel were out cold, tired out after Harley used her talented little mouth on their wet hot slits.

"Damn supersluts... with their tasty cunts... and hot as hell bodies... and... what exactly am I complaining about again?" Harley says to herself

"Anyway... time for me to use that machine to get away from Mastah M. and his wonderful God cock.... grr... and that annoying little tick. I can't believe he was stupid enough to show me what he's been using to mess with people and then just leave it out in plain view." Harley said as she skipped nakedly towards the couch where the master PC was situated.

"Now let's see how does this thingy work again... ah yeah... first off... Subject name: Harleen Quinzel..." Harley types "Look at all these features..."

Harley fumbles around with features looking at the little 3d model of her change in conjunction with her playing making sure to hit cancel after every change to not accidentally turn her into some kind of monster.

"OK I think I got the handle on this now... you're gonna be sorry Mastah M. for messing with Harley Quinn." Harley said quickly making changes.


The Limo pulled up in front of Ferris Aircraft Headquarters, a few moments later Overdrive walked over and opened the door.

"Thanks Overdrive." Fred stepped out "keep the car warm I won't be long."

"No problem Mister Meyers." Overdrive said professionally. Fred never really trusted Overdrive... he kept talking about eventually going straight and becoming a superhero... he was much better suited to be his Chauffeur... and it's not like he doesn't share the wealth. Every month he makes sure one of his sluts gives him a big tip.

Anyway, Fred decided that the richest man in the planet went out and had a little business meeting with another million dollar company... the fact that Ferris Air is run by a beautiful woman who also happens to be the leader of a group made up of other attractive women was a bonus... and the reason he set out to talk to Carol in person rather than just warp her mind into one of his bimbos... that and he was beginning to feel really cooped up he hadn't had a great date in months... and not least of all he needed a date for Wonder Woman's wedding..

As he was waiting in the elevator to go to her office and "remind" Carol of their date... he felt something strange... he assumed it was similar to Spider-man's spider sense... he knew that someone was messing with his Master PC.

"Oh Harley... I thought you would be smarter than that...." he muttered to himself as he closed his eyes and saw the changes she was making to herself.

"Not a bad idea, stronger, smarter, faster... and immune to the effects from the PC unless you accept." Boomerang mutters to himself.

"Changes Denied." Meyers said to himself "Now... what do I do to punish you for being so naughty Harley."

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