Harley hits accept and triggers Boomerang's punishment

by Anzaleth
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Harley typed "accept" and she felt a moment of elation, that she would free herself from Fred Meyers' control and show that asshole what--

"UHHHHH! What's happening?" Harley collapsed as she felt a strange ripple pass over her body.
Meyers had decided to have the opposite happen to everything that Harley had wished -- so she had tried to get the PC to make her stronger, smarter, faster -- now she had become weaker, dumber, slower.
Somewhere she could hear him laughing, and the laughter sounded even more frightening than the Joker's.
* * *
Fred smiled as he saw Carol Ferris saunter up to him, dressed in a gorgeous violet dress, a string of pearls around her neck, and her beautiful hair tied up in an elegant style.
"You look lovely, my dear," he said. 
"Thank you," she said.
"I have been looking forward to this all week," he said, "as I hope you have been doing as well."
"Yes," Carol said. "It's -- it will be nice."
She had a quick sour look on her face and had almost said "this will be a nice change in my dating relationship." The one change that Meyers had done to Carol's mind was just to increase her scorn for Hal Jordan. She was feeling very dissatisfied, even a little disgusted, with her recent boyfriend, and really wanted to try something new.
* * *
"Here, May," Mary Jane said, taking her in-law's hand. "You look like you deserve a drink."
MJ did concede that it was odd that May Parker looked so young, hot, and horny, but honestly, the "whys" didn't really matter. What mattered was it was another way to clearly fuck with her limp-dicked husband.
Mary Jane giggled at how Peter would react to see pictures of his wife and his aunt snorting lines of coke off some big thug's dick or getting gang-banged together by a bunch of supervillains. MJ imagined Peter finding them eating each other's slutty twats and giving him the finger.
Oh, it was so wicked!
* * *
Rogue's new cock swelled in size as she saw the dainty sissy TA in front of her. Renee's hair was a mass of beautiful chestnut curls and she wore an elegant pink top with a nice flirty purple scarf and a lovely miniskirt that hugged her bottom.
"Oo-la-la," Renee cooed in a beautiful French accent, her voice light and breathy. "Such a beautiful cock, all for moi!"
"Uhhhh!" Rogue licked her lips. "Wrap those beautiful pink lips around my meat!, sugah!"
Renee giggled and slid down between her mentor's legs. 
* * *
Rachel smirked. She'd make the new policy take effect and have Jean grow to resent the original Jean more first. Yes, that was proper.
Well, then, what should the headmistress do now?
She tickled her snatch. Maybe some private tutoring with one of the more well-hung male students? Yes, they should be taught how to please a lady.
Now, which of those nice boys has the biggest dick?
* * *
"Oh, Mr. Summers! Mr. Summers!"
Cyclops turned to see Emma Frost there, giggling, playing with a lock of her blonde hair, and fluttering her long lashes.
"I need your help, Mr. Summers!" she said. "I'm practicing some new cheers and I need a man's feedback. A big, strong SMART man."
* * *
While Nightwing was listening to the other SHIELD investigators talk about their investigations, his phone buzzed again.
He looked down and it was a photo of Bryce in a tight grey tanktop and tight black leather pants, making the "heart" sign with her hand and pursing her lips as if kissing. Underneath the picture was simply "XXXOOXXO"
A text had also come from Starfire.

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