Someone finds Henrietta beating her sissy meat

by JimmyKasche
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Henrietta sighed as she rubbed her little clitty with her back to the door she heard it open and quickly moved her hand away to try and hide what she was doing.

"Well I'm here. What do you want?" an annoyed voice said behind him.

"Eep..." Henrietta quickly spun around and saw "Kid Omega" AKA Quentin Quire staring back at her.

"Ok, well Mr. Quire..." Henrietta says as she lifts up her notepad and begins flipping through it.

"According to this you failed like all of your classes." Henrietta says looking at the paper.

"The classes are beneath me... I am one of the most powerful mutants on the planet and the head of a soon to be bonafide mutant revolution." Quentin said smugly.

"Well that may be but this is still a school." Henrietta said fixing her hair.

"Pah... barely." Quentin said dismissively.

"Well you know... there are consequences to failure..." Henrietta said.

"Yes, and I know that you aren't a teacher but one of the "assistants" that are around and not in the position to discipline students. So why are you wasting my time?" Quentin said with crossed arms

"Fine... Dr. McCoy will be here shortly take a seat over there in the corner." Henrietta said with a roll of her eyes, Quentin stomped over to the corner and sat down glaring at the girl.

Henrietta put the notepad down, and picked up the phone... as she did that Quentin felt a small prick on his neck, causing him to jump to his feet

"What's the big ideeee...." Quentin quickly slumped over and back into the chair.

"Dr. McCoy, Mr. Quire is sedated and ready for his reassignment." the sissy cooed.


Storm continued roaming the halls deep in thought on how to properly tutor Kitty... when she stopped dead in her tracks as she saw the transformed Jubilee, Laura and a small girl she didn't recognize. She was shocked at the bad girl makeover the two had gone through... just then a wave of dizziness washed over her... and suddenly she was confused at her confusion.

Laura had always been a leather wearing bad girl... in fact she hounded Storm every day about her past experiences... something she had tried to keep secret from the students... as she was a respected professor now and not some Bi-Biker Bitch... she thought to herself as she pushed the long braid that attached to her mohawk over her shoulder.

The students didn't need to know that she had "Cumslut" written across her lower back in stark white.. or "Pay your Fealty" above her cunt... or that another woman's lips were tattooed on her ass or the countless hours she spent in bar wide orgies.

They certainly didn't need to know how she recruited innocent girls and pushed them into servitude of the gang... until they'd do anything for their Queen, even allow themselves to be treated like cheap currency.

Storm licked her lip the stud in her tongue just slightly visible as she went down memory lane.

They'd never look at her the same way again... but Laura and Jubilee kept digging and digging... she told them everything... she expected Laura and Jubilee to spread it to everyone and eventually get her fired... but instead they kept her secret... and seemed to revel in it.


"Ok squirt... let's continue the tour. I want to get that cock in my ass sometime today" X-23 said grabbing Lola's arm and walking down the hall

"Hey, Queen!" Laura yelled out and the trio walked towards Storm.

"I told you not to call me that... but hello, Laura... Jubilee and... I'm sorry I don't believe I've met you." Storm replied

"This is Lola... she's my little Sissy sister. Professor Drake has me showing her around school." Laura said.

"Sister you mean?" Storm started.

"yeah, this little slut is Logan." Jubilee said with a smirk.

"Yeah, isn't that fucking hysterical?" Laura smiled brightly.

Lola for her part just stared at Storm she was so beautiful and regal... and Lola was so small and petite


Rachel fingered herself as she looked through the minds of the male students looking to find the perfect well hung stud to satiate her until the potential student coming to survey the grounds later... when she came across a familiar mind that gave her a wicked idea.

It was the young version of her father... well potential young version of her potential father... or... something time travel was weird. Anyway, he was looking at the young Jean Grey and thinking about the new curriculum about how much of a worthless prudish cunt she becomes... followed by Scott checking off all the psychics he knew Emma, Charlize, the Cuckoos, Psylocke, and the headmistress... they were all beautiful and also totally sluts. The only one that doesn't fit was Jean... sur she was absolutely gorgeous... but she wouldn't even kiss him.

Rachel smiled wider than the cat that ate the canary... as she hit the intercom button. "Would the student Scot Summers please report to the headmistresses office."

She then typed on her computer to remove Scott's name from the list of future reassignments... and she waited for the young man's arrival.


Jarvis smiled as he called the number provided to him by Alfred... it lead to a voicemail... a voice he didn't recognize say that he will not be returning calls until the morning.

"umm... Hello this is Edwin Jarvis. My friend Alfred Pennyworth told me to contact you about a potential... business opportunity... please call me back at your earliest convenience." Jarvis then gave his personal cell phone number he was so excited he could barely contain himself. That's when he noticed one of Ms. Van Dyne's fashion magazines sitting on the table.

"What a filthy tease you are...." Jarvis mumbled as he grabbed it and went to the bathroom.


Fred checked his cellphone and saw he had a new message from a number he didn't recognize, he put it away and turned back to his date.

"Well... I guess if that's what the bill is." She smirked as she lowered her straps and let her breasts pop out.

"I was just kidding... but it's great to know that you'd be willing to titfuck a complete stranger because I said so." Fred smiled taking a quick picture with his cell phone as Carol poses for the shot... Carol then places a credit card in the bill and hands it to the waiter who was remarkably restrained considering the beautiful woman had her breasts fully on display.

"Now then... shall we go?" Carol said putting her card away and fixing her dress.

The two walk out of the restaurant back into his limo which takes Carol back to her penthouse.

"So, Ms. Ferris... I happen to be in possession of an invitation to the biggest wedding of the century... and need a +1." Fred says on the way.

"Really?" Carol said surprised.

"Yeah, I know it's short notice but if you want to see Wonder Woman get hitched I can take you... of course I want to ensure that I have a good time. So consider tonight your audition." Fred smiled at Carol.

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