To Me My X-Women

by jessiesgirl
Storyline The White Queen's X-Women
Characters Emma Frost
Category F/F
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It was a calm night for Emma Frost as she stared out from the windows of her office at the Massachusetts Academy for Gifted Female Youngsters.  As Headmistress, it was her duty to mould and defend her charges in the use of their powers against those who feared and hated them just for being different.  She took pride in her work knowing she was helping make difference in their lives.  It was not always easy though.

When she first took over the school, the emmergence of the X-gene had just become public knowledge and had caused mass hysteria from the general public and obviously those who would twist their religions to suit their wants and needs.  Emma was lucky to have developed her gifts in a safe place away from those who would harm her just for being different.  Unfortunately there were those who were not.  She still remembered hearing about the Xavier child who had been tormented by his step-brother.  How they found the boy beaten to bloody pulp with injuries he would not survive from just for being different.  Or the rumors that Nazi's had discovered people like her and experimented on them in the camps during WWII.  It was for these and many other reasons she decided to secretly change the admittance policy of the Academy to one that favoured those with exceptional abillities.

Now her first class since the change were blossoming as she turned to focus on a screen where they were training.  These 5 were exceptional and would help change the world to one of acceptance for her kind.

MARVEL GIRL - The young Jean Grey had been in a comatose state for much of her life due to the emergence of her telepathic abillities brought on by the death of her childhood friend.  The woman would have remained that way had Emma not intervened and helped her overcome the trauma and trained her in the use of her powers.  During these sessions the two formed a powerful psychic and emotional bond, sharing their innermost thoughts and desires.  From that day on Emma always had a tough time with her prized student as they had crossed the line to lovers.

DAZZLER - The popular singer who converts sound into light was approached after she was attacked by members of a group called the Hellfire Club.  Emma was able to help fend off the attackers with the young Alison Blaire just as her powers manifested and caused a massive light blast to blind her assailants and allow them to escape.  She was the most playful of the group, always looking to lighten the mood with her honed abillities and improved optical illusions.

M - A mutant with a wide variety of mutant powers at superhuman levels and representing a near-perfect human being.  She joing Emma's cause after the White Queen helped her defeat her brother Emplate.  Now a loyal if not sometimes insubordinate pupil, M was fiercly devoted to Emma's dream.

POLARIS - The daughter of the famed Magneto, Lorna Dane came to the school as a damaged woman, unable to control her powr over magnetisim.  Much like her fabled father she too could have been a global threat had Emma not intervened.  Now a pillar to the mutant community on the good the Academy can do for youngsters like her.

SHADOWCAT - A young woman who she met after hearing rumors about a girl who phased through walls.  It took some convncing but the girl found the school to be the perfect fir for her and her growing abillities.  She was intiitally unsure about her Headmistress but that too soon changed and now they had a very strong bond, almost like a mother and daughter.

As she looked on watching her charges train in the use of ther powers, the school alarm sounded.  Emma was brought out of her thoughts while watching thr display and immediately sent out a psychic call  "There is an intruder was on school grounds.  TO ME MY X-WOMEN!"

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