Power Girl hits the mirror full strength and blasts with heat vision to give Hawkeye a taste of her own medicine.

by Master_Kind
Storyline Dr. Diabolical's Delights
Previous Chapter An even angrier Kate Biship tries an acid arrow and Power Girl doesn't get off so lightly this time

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Kate Bishop immediately realized her mistake as she saw the glaring blonde take control of her body again and began frantically motioning "Time out" at her but the woman was either not a football fan or just too pissed to give a shit.


"You'll find that au natural is now your default state, Power Tits." the smug voice said from the speakers. "You'll still be able to wear clothes but you'll find them terribly uncomfortable and the longer you wear underwear, the hornier you'll get. You can thank Ms. Bishop for that."

Power Girl knew this was playing into his sick game but her temper got the better of her and she unleashed a full barrage of heat vision at a seam near where one of the mirrors met the floor.


Hawkeye saw the heat vision crackling through the air and red beams hit the ground . . . with a sudden and corresponding heat in her ass!

She half-moaned, half-screamed as she felt her ass cheeks start to radiate heat like a furnace. Her hands instinctively went back to squeeze them and she felt her bare cheeks - hadn't she been wearing pants just a second ago?

In all the mirrors around her she could see her sensible leggings were replaced with a purple g-string, presenting her tight little ass . . . not that it was staying little!

Her cheeks began to get rounder and fuller, popping out from her waist like two canned hams, the sensation of her ass cheeks against her fingers suddenly making her moan in delight. She couldn't stop squeezing her ass as the flesh begin to fill her eager fingers.

"Oh, fuuuuuck!" she groaned, instinctively bringing one hand down to smack her fat, jiggly ass cheek and screamed in response "UNGGGH! FUCK!"
The sensation of her hand stinging against her new, huge booty made her cum almost instantly! She began to moan and babble, smacking her own ass harder and harder, squeezing her cheeks delirious with pleasure.

"Oh fuck, no ugh, my ass, fuck MY ASS feels so fucking GOOD oh fuck oh fuck FUCK MY ASS AAAAAAAAAAAAH!"
When Kate came down from her eye-crossing orgasm, panting heavily, she saw to her shock that she now sported an ass that could make a Kardashian jealous, looking even huger on her slim frame.

"Congratulations! You've got a badonkadonk, Bishop, one you can't just bear to cover up. You can wear pants again but they'll just get you hornier and hornier until you're begging someone to tear them off you. Better get used to booty shorts and thongs from now on." came Dr. Diabolical's taunting voice.
Worst of all, her acid arrow and the blonde's heat beams seemed to have done absolutely zero damage to their respective "rooms".

"Now, how about we open a dialogue and you two discuss who goes first?"

A faint crackle of static hissing was replaced by the sound of each other woman in the room panting with rage and residual arousal.
"Oh, and I almost forgot to mention - whomever performs last will find everything that they say in my script to become the truth for them. I'd read quickly and negotiate even faster if I were you girls. Be back with you in a bit."

"Hello, ladies. My name is Dr. Diabolical and I would like to play a game." came a voice from the locker room speakers.
"Not in the mood for games, pendejo." America snarled.

"Where are our friends? What did you do to them?" Supergirl added, both of them raising their fists as much they could with their left wrists handcuffed together.
"I assure you, they're perfectly safe . . . for now. They'll stay that way at least for another few minutes or hours, depending on how stubborn they are. Unless, of course, one of you rescues them!"
"OK, and the catch is?" America said, jostling their pink chain.

"In one of the lockers near you, there is a hidden key. If you find it and turn the lock in the middle of the nearby shower room, you'll free your friends from my trap."

"What she said." Supergirl added, scowling.

"Only one of you can turn the lock in the key and the one that does it only frees their own friend. Also, almost all the lockers have special surprises inside that will make very permanent and very sexual changes to your minds, bodies or outfits. I am a fair man, however . . . if the two of you strip naked and bring each other to orgasm in the shower room, I will let each of your friends go absolutely unharmed."
America gave Supergirl a predatory look for a moment but shook her head.

"No way, you sicko! We'll defeat you, same as any other loser with delusions of grandeur." the blonde said defiantly. She began to use her X-Ray vision to scan the lockers, only to gasp as her nipples suddenly hardened and her pussy began to moisten.

"Oh, silly me - I forgot to mention that using your powers increases your arousal and that the chain you share lets you feel just how turned on the other girl is getting. Have fun!"

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