America opens a locker and finds her costume affected (options)

by specialkalpha
Storyline Dr. Diabolical's Delights
Characters Supergirl
Category Change of clothes Choice Chapter F/F Humiliation Marvel and DC
Previous Chapter Power Girl hits the mirror full strength and blasts with heat vision to give Hawkeye a taste of her own medicine.

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America Chavez felt weak in the knees as through the link in the chain that bound them together she felt Supergirl's surprise arousal. America's eye's fluttered as Supergirl let out a shocked gasp. As the sensation subsided the girls took a moment to collect themselves. Whether out of manners or shyness America noticed Supergirl made a bit of a show of averting her gaze from America's spasm. A courtesy America chose not to reciprocate to Supergirl. I mean when you are chained to a beautiful bond and linked by a magical orgasmic chain, you have take in the scenery. Having calmed down Supergirl offered her assessment "Okay he's not kidding about not using our powers. Looks like we should stall for time..."America Chavez, ever impulsive, nodded her head in agreement "Right lets see what's behind door #1..." America reached for the locker closest to her and was taken a back by the costume she found, "Really?!" She asked their unseen captor. Supergirl, at the wrong angle to see what was in the locker was about to ask what it is but after a blinding flash she didn't need to ask. Both girls looked down in amazement as America's make-up and hair had been expertly styled to reflect the outfit she now wore. And that outfit was...       

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