Storm and Wolverine are confronted by...Mesmero?

by Anzaleth
Storyline Almost Got 'Em
Previous Chapter The Empress of Decadence continues being worshiped by her slaves

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"Boss! Boss!" Titties yelped in relief as she saw Mesmero standing there. "These crazy freaks are kidnapping me!"

"Now, now, let's all calm down," Mesmero said.
Thanks to Masque, he currently looked like a normal pink-skinned human. One dressed in a green suit.
"I don't know what you are playing!" Storm said. "But you are--"
"Now, now, Ms. Munroe, isn't it?" Mesmero said. "I know that you are a very lustful woman, especially such 'well-endowed' ladies as Ms. Titties here, but I would ask that you control your drives a little."
"Lustful -- how dare you!" Ororo snarled.
"Yes, the way they shake their goods, it just gets your blood pumping. You want to bend them over the nearest bench and hear them squeal with your throbbing black shaft. But you ask you to control yourself, and not make quite so much of a scene. Ask Titties next time rather than just dragging her from her tent."
"I don't know what  games yer playin', bub!"  Wolverine snarled.
"I know what game you're playing, Wolverine. You talk tough, but that's because you're scared deep down, isn't it?"
"Is everything okay?" Colossus asked as he strode over to them, followed by Masque. He didn't glance at Titties. Masque was jealous and she had made sure Colossus had no more feelings for the former Kitty -- except a certain vague scorn. Certainly he felt she was quite a pathetic figure compared to Masque.
* * *
Karma smiled. She wanted some entertainment.
"Bobbi, Sammi, make out with each other. Entertain your queen."
Her huge mouth split into a giant grin as the two sissies began to hug and kiss each other, stroking the other's smooth, well-oiled body. Their two erections robbed together.  
Most of the audience, a little disturbed, had wandered off to other shows, but some were still watching in fascination.
"Grape me, Dani," the Empresses commanded, and Dani fed her grapes as the show continued.

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