Masque gives Storm a nice big dick to accompany her new intense desires

by burke_rakers
Storyline Almost Got 'Em
Previous Chapter Storm and Wolverine are confronted by...Mesmero?

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   (Sorry. Short. I have a meeting tomorrow morning.)

   "I really shouldn't even have to explain this to you, Storm. You're a pervert. A filthy, degenerate, fuck-hungry pussyhound with bottomless need to objectify women. Movies? You've never sat through a movie that wasn't a porno, and as time passed your tastes got darker. Books? You've never ever read anything that wasn't a stroke mag. Nothing vanilla like Playboy or Penthouse, either. You've always LOVED fetish porn, and the weirder the better. Really let your freak flag fly, girl."
   She stumbled back, clutching her head as her tastes changed...or rather didn't change. Why had she tried to abduct this girl? 'Titties' was her name right? Well...knowing her, she knew it must somehow revolve around her awesome rack. The girl herself was kinda cute too. Storm hated when ignorant sluts like this tried to dress all 'highclass' or 'professional' when what they REALLY needed was to tart themselves up and bounce their tits around. This girl was pretty ugly, but she covered her horsey face with lots of makeup, and dyed her bland hair a nice shade of bright blond. And MAN what a set of tits! Yeah...she must have been trying to abduct her to fuck her or something. That was something she'd do...
   Storm grew a knowing smirk as she cupped one of Titties massive namesakes. They were perfect. Obviously the only reason she was of any worth. Mesmero glanced at Masque and gestured towards the newly minted pervert. 
    Wolverine popped his claws and started to attack the man in the green suit, but he turned and shouted "BOO!" at him. As usual, Wolverine burst into tears and recoiled in terror. Oh, why was he such a coward?
    "Yes, a coward..." Mesmero continued "...but not just any coward. A simpering, swishing sissy boy whose scared of his own shadow. Just a frightened, fearful mess."
   Wolverine collapsed and began to weep at the thought of confronting this man. He wanted to be better, but knew he lacked the strength. He wanted to die, but was afraid to kill himself. Finally, Mesmero gathered him into his arms and tried his tears. "Oh, such a frightened little fellow. So scared of everything. So in need of a protector. A rock. A center. Someone to give you the strength to continue. Poor, Wolverine...I can give you all you desire. I can make you strong. I can keep you safe. Just...look into my eyes..."
   Wolverine stated to look up, but...he stopped just before he met the gaze of Mesmero. Couldn't anyone else save him?

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