Wolverine looks up into Mesmero's eyes

by Anzaleth
Storyline Almost Got 'Em
Previous Chapter Masque gives Storm a nice big dick to accompany her new intense desires

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"Look at me!" Mesmero snarled.

Wolverine whimpered and looked into his eyes, unable to resist.

"Don't worry, I'll teach you to take care of yourself. You know all those terrifying villains who utterly hate you? Sabretooth, Omega Red, Silver Samurai, Lady Deathstrike?"

Wolverine sobbed and whimpered, almost pissing himself as he thought of all those vile  monsters, all wanting to torment him.

"We'll make sure they don't want to hurt you. Once they see you skipping around on stage, shaking your booty, they'll have other things on their minds."

"They won't hurt me?" Wolverine whimpered.

"Well, not much. Maybe give you a good spanking for being such a bitch before."

* * *

Meanwhile, Storm moaned as Masque ran elegant long nails all over Storm's body, kneading the gorgeous woman's flesh like it were clay. Wherever Masque touched, the X-Woman's body, it swelled with every caress of the elegant Marilyn clone.

Masque's pussy was dripping and it took every piece of her willpower to avoid moaning out-loud. She utterly despised all of the beautiful X-Women for being so glamorous and self-satisfied, so happy in their beauty. And perhaps she despises Storm most of all. Ororo Munroe had always seemed so proud, so elegant, so utterly perfect - like a goddess. When she had strutted into the Morlock tunnels and battled Calyspo, it had remembered Masque just how utterly twisted and grotesque he was. Well, now Masque was the glamorous, beautiful woman and Storm was grotesque!

Storm's huge black muscles, well-oiled and flexing, gleamed in the light. Masque had given the former svelte hero the build of the Juggernaut or the Hulk, a massive lumbering ogress of a woman. Now Masque yanked on Storm's clit, stretching and shaping it like it were taffy.

"UHhHHH!" Storm moaned. "UHHHHHHH!"

"You like that, you giant thug?" Masque sneered. "Pretty soon all you'll care about is what people do with your monstrous she-dick."

* * *

Meanwhile Yani, the former Illyana Rasputin, was helping to spread her magnificent empress' power in Hell.

Thanks to Karma's influence, Yani had utterly embraced her Darkchild persona. Two huge sweeping horns thrust out from her long hair that writhed like a nest of savage snakes, her feet were huge gleaming goat hooves, and a long thick tail thrust out from her back. Most bizarre of all was the huge demonic cock that hung between her legs, resembling cross-between a massive ribbed dildo and a throbbing goat-dick. 

"Who is your master, bitch!" Yani cackled as she sodomized the demon in front of  her, her long talons raking his back. "Who is your master?"

Yani's long forked together was thrust out from between her lips, licking her own face as she continued to ride the demon's ass. Her mistress would be so pleased with her when she saw how Yani had fucked this little piece of Hell into submission. Yani knew her mistress loved her. The Empress of Decadence said no cock filled up her big needy cunt more than Yani's demon shaft.  

* * *

Storm looked down at her massive, powerful body -- such a savage tower of muscle, every inch full of hungry energy. In particular, she stared at the big black cock and balls between her legs. Even considering her now much greater size, Storm was very well-endowed indeed. It was like a big club hanging down between her legs, looking almost as thick as some people's arms.

Her brutish face turned up into an almost tender smile as she looked at the shaft. Like Titties with her titties, Storm almost thought of her cock as being a separate person. As being her best friend, her lover, with its own needs and desires. Certainly she respected it much more than dumb cunt. They were just holes for Storm to thrust her big ol' boyfriend into.

"Hey, bitch!" 

"Y-yes?" Titties asked.

"Get yer fat ass over here. Damn, dose big ass titties such hot slutty funbags. I gonna coat them with my jizz. Maybe I plaster yer face with enough cum, you look pretty."

Titties blushed. Storm was saying such nice things to her! She didn't deserve such a nice friend.

Masque cackled. Pretty soon the whole circus would probably use Titties as a cumrag. Except Colossus, of course. He wouldn't be caught dead with such a dumb slut. He was for Masque only!

* * *

Mesmero grinned as he dug deep into Wolverine's brain. This was working well. They were picking up a few folks for the sideshows -- strippers like Tittie and the former Wolverine, a fat lady, a musclebound she-male who would look good lifting some very heavy weights (the "eighth wonder of the world"!). But he couldn't just  have sideshow tarts and freaks.  Mesmero needed some star material. Someone for the big top....

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