The Mad Hatter has his way with the Cheshire Cat

by ESchorcho
Storyline A Mad, Mad, Mad Marvel Universe
Characters Invisible Woman Mad Hatter Black Cat
Category Marvel Mind Control M/F Corruption
Previous Chapter Alice picks out an outfit and when she returns to the Hatter and Cheshire Cat, her tea is done

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Alice sat on the rubber couch and sipped her tea while the Mad Hatter thrust in and out of Cheshi.

The crazed former Felicia Hardy humped him back, matching each and every one of hard pumps.  Jervis Tetch savored every single stroke with the drop-dead gorgeous creature that he would have been lucky to get in his own world, yet that wasn’t what turned him on the most.  That honor fell to the deeply hypnotized Susan Storm seated on the couch in her innocent Alice persona. She was currently pouring herself a new cup of the drugged tea out of the white ornate pot he had placed within arm’s reach.  He watched her take another dainty sip and saw her eyes blinked rapidly and a dreamy expression spread across her face. Watching the heroine slowly play a role in her own corruption made him all the harder, and he plowed into Cheshi with increased speed.  The white-haired beauty giggled out like mad and husked out a loud meow. She then wrapped her latex-clad legs around his body, pulling him in all the tighter and he pulled down the zipper at the front of her catsuit and buried her head in her big oiled tits.

Cheshi’s pleased squeals echoed in her apartment, as the pair continued to fuck while Alice drank her tea.  The Mad Hatter had lost track of how many orgasms he and his corrupted catburglar had experienced. It was only when Alice sipped the last drop of tea in the pot did he finally come hard inside Cheshi one last time.  The feline woman erupted in her own orgasm and she meowed out long and hard. Jervis, meanwhile, watched the hypnotized Susan Storm tip the teapot all the way through his own orgasm. He watched her gasp out in girlish surprise when she watched the last few drops fall onto her bare thighs.

“Oh, Mister Hatter,” Alice called, looking up and noticing that he was staring hungirly at her.

“Oh, fuck,” Cheshi purred, basking in the afterglow of her  falling back on her elbows and allowing her big tits to fall to either side of her torso.  She reached down and rubbed her pussylips, scopping out some of the Hatter’s cum. Cheshi then brought her gloved hand up to her glossy purple lips and she soon licked every digit clean.  She then purred out, “Sooooooooo WONDER-ful!”

“Yes, Alice,” Jervis grinned.

“The tea is all gone,” Alice cooed, looking at him through her drugged out eyes.

“We will just have to brew some more, my dear,” the Mad Hatter said, and he slowly rose up to put his trousers back on.

“Mister Hatter,” Cheshi tisked, “That’s Master Hatter to you.” she then huffed under her breath,  “Stupid girl.”

Jervis Tetch’s pleased grin fell from his face and he glared down at Cheshi.  She smiled up at him excitedly, but when the white-haired beauty saw the cold look of disappointment on his thin face, she grew visibly worried.  The wide smile, though, never left her face.

“Cheshire Puss,” the Mad Hatter murmured, shaking his head.  He walked slowly over to the woman that he was fucking just minutes before and pointed his finger down at her, “Listen to me and listen good.  Never, ever talk to my Alice that way again. She is very special to me.”

“I understand, my Master,” Cheshi called out.  She scrambled to her hands and knees and bowed her head in reverence to the man.

“I would hate to have to leave you out of our grand plans to remake this boring world into Wonderland,” the Hatter sneered.

“No,” Cheshi gasped in utter horror.

“Now apologize to sweet little Alice,” he commanded.

The Cheshire Puss turned her visibly shaken face towards the hypnotized Susan Storm and cried out, “I am so sorry, sweet little Alice!  Can you ever forgive me?”

“Of course I can forgive you, Cheshi.  You did such an oh-so wonderful job of fucking Mr. Hatter,” Alice cooed, her manic eyes then turned to the side and then back to her new friend.  A playful grin had formed on her face, “Well, I guess there is one thing you can do to make it up to me.”

“Name it, Alice,” Cheshi purred, the wide, crazed grin had fully returned to her pretty face, “Anything for you, sweet, sweet girl.”

Alice held the empty tea pot up and cooed out, “We could all use more delicious tea!”

Cheshi burst out into a fit of giggles and sprang up onto her seven-inch heeled feet.  She wiggled her way over to the pretty little blonde and accepted the teapot that was offered.  That was when the Hatter coughed to get both women’s attention.

“You can show Alice how sorry you are by lapping up those droplets of tea on her thigh there,” Jervis ordered while pointing to Sue’s bare thigh.

An excited look came over the former Felicia Hardy’s crazed green eyes and she bent over at the waist to lick up the droplets of tea that had settled on Alice’s bare thighs.  All the while, the Hatter watched his two creations and felt his cock once more grow hard inside his pants. He may have to have yet another round with Cheshi before they left to go back to the Baxter Building.

After that was done, the Hatter took Alice by the hand and guided her over to the kitchen area where Cheshi was at the stove making another pot of tea.  He glanced at both Alice and the Cheshire Puss. It was time to put of his plans in motion.

“The first step in my plan to make this world a new Wonderland.  I have a delight, delectable and oh-so-fuckable Cheshire Puss,” he announced and the white-haired beauty giggled like mad at his compliment, “And I have my very own Alice coming along very nicely.”

The hypnotized heroine nodded her head in agreement at his statement.

“But I’m sorry to say, my dear, there are outside forces holding you back from being who you are meant to be, and they all happen to live at the intersection of 42nd Street and Madison Avenue,” Jervis explained, “I have softened up the minds of the flamehead, the rockman and his blind lady friend.  It’s the supposed World’s Smartest Man I haven’t gotten to yet. Unlike Humpty Dumpty, he’s an egg that is not so easily cracked. If he ever leaves his lab long enough to take an interest in the comings and goings inside the Baxter Building he could be onto us and foil our plans.”

“Baxter Building?  World’s Smartest Man?” Alice said, shaking her head.  The grin faded from her face and her brow furrowed. Susan then spoke, “Are... Are you talking...about Reed?”

The Hatter saw this and for an instant, panic surged through his lean body.  He reached into his pocket and fumbled with the hypnotic projector, but finally managed to turn it on.  It shone directly into Susan’s eyes, and the villain positioned it so the heroine would receive a full blast of his mind-bending technology.

He turned to the Cheshire Puss and announced, “I am talking about Reed,” he then put his hand over his mouth and his eyes became wide with faux guilt, causing Cheshi to giggle crazily.  He waited for her laughing fit to die down before he continued, “Since Alice and I are, um, guests in the Baxter Building our movements are observed and therefore limited. But you, my frisky feline, can move throughout the city as you please.  I require a variety of drugs that will form a most potent cocktail that Susan herself will give to her husband.”

“Susan?” Cheshi asked.

“Don’t worry about that,” he said, waving his hand dismissively.  Reaching into his breast pocket, he pulled out a list of all the drugs he would need and then slipped it between the Cheshire Puss’ bountiful cavern of cleavage, much to her clear delight, “Follow the list.  Use your thieving tricks or pay for them using the money Felicia Hardy’s wealth. I don’t care. Just don’t fail me.”

“Never, Master Hatter,” she husked.  She gazed at him lovingly and projected her tits forward for his benefit.

“In the meantime, I will continue to spread my influence over the smaller minded residents inside the Baxter Building, and Alice here will be busy, busy, busy,” he continued, rubbing his hands together, “Are you aware that there is a Miss Lorina Dodson, better known as the White Rabbit?  Just think of it, Cheshi, our very own White Rabbit.”

“That is WONDER-ful, Master!” the Cheshire Puss purred.

“Alas, she is locked far, far away.  We will have to get her out of course, and Alice knows a lawyer who could help,” the Mad Hatter laughed, “To think I, the Mad Hatter, will try something through legal means!  What is the world coming to?”

The room was once more filled with Cheshi’s mad laughter.  That was until the teapot sang its high-pitched song.

“Finally,” the Mad Hatter called out, “It’s so dull to plot without deliciously drugged tea!”

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