That night, the Black Cat goes looking for the things on her Master Hatter's list

by trashcollector24
Storyline A Mad, Mad, Mad Marvel Universe
Characters Black Cat Mad Hatter Susan storm
Category Mind Control Multiple Personalities
Previous Chapter The Mad Hatter has his way with the Cheshire Cat

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Cheshire Puss was grinning as Alice and the Mad Hatter left her apartment. Alice was wearing her latex outfit, and the supervillain had to admit that the woman filled it out in all the right places. For the first time in days, Cheshire felt like she'd burned off some of that manic energy that she'd been overwhelmed with for last little while that all the toys in the world hadn't been able to satisfy. The Mad Hatter had one of the most delightful cocks she'd ever experienced and she was a little jealous that Alice got to be around it so much. Giving them each a kiss goodbye on the lips, Cheshire recalled something, "Oh Alice, I was wondering, is there any way I could get invisibility powers like yours?"

Alice's face scrunched up as if she was thinking about it really hard, "I got it from space radiation of a particular type and even Reed had difficulty creating a device on earth that could duplicate that kind of energy. Hitting it you with the device could do one of a million things and there's no garauntee that it would give you invisibility powers like me. Reed would have to modify it, use me as a template, but he wouldn't do that without asking all sorts of questions and reasons."

Jervis just shook his head, "He won't care for reason once we help make him mad."

Alice laughed at that, "Reasonably Mad without reason is madly reasonable. The questions don't matter only the answer is achieved. Victor also made a device for transferring our powers, he wanted them for some plot of his though he said it was to cure me at the time. Ben smashed it up pretty good but its entirely possible that Victor just built another one and has it laying around somewhere in the city just in case he wants to try again. You might be able to find out more information about it at the Latverian Embassy."

Cheshire Puss had to consider that one carefully, even crazy she'd think twice before trying to tangle with Doctor Doom. He had a nasty habit of retaliating with overwhelming force to even a minor slight and breaking into his embassy was more than a minor slight by a long shot. Yes getting the Mad Hatter's list of drugs for Reed was a much better plan and if they messed him up enough that he couldn't make her invisible at least Alice had provided her with a fall back plan. As a sign of appreciation, Cheshire slapped Alice's ass and let herself out the balcony to do as ordered.

With a superhuman leap, Cheshire Puss leapt from roof top to roof top to the locations of petty drug dealers, drug store pharmacists, and two biotech companies. Drugs weren't something she'd ever had much success with using after taking the formula that made her the Black Cat but sometimes corporate espionage types would hire her to collect chemicals, medicines, and trade secrets from their business rivals. Most of her marks during the night didn't even know she was there even with her purple striped latex outfit. It was a crying shame Cheshire thought, if she'd been spotted then she'd have had an excuse to seduce someone into silence than shove them down an elevator shaft. Cheshire went into peals of laughter over the idea, a cat should play with her food after all.

Bundling up all her stolen goods with string, Cheshire returned to see that Jervis was there waiting for her, while Alice was gone or perhaps invisible, the not knowing was rather delightful. She handed over her loot to Master Hatter who looked pleased as punch, "Great work Cheshire Puss, I've updated the programming on your subliminals to maintain you as you are and help make the effects longer and longer lasting until the boring Felicia Hardy can never get rid of the Cheshire Puss."

Cheshire growled, "You mean make us like this permanently?" A finger went up to her lips, the claw tracing the outline of the sensitive skin and moaned, "Master gives the us the greatest gifts." Cheshire nodded to herself, "We must have been very good this year to get such a gift."

Jervis grinned, "I couldn't rightly get all these chemicals ordered and delivered to the Baxter Building, even with Alice, the AI in the building would make it impossible but that's why this next phase will have Reed lured out of building and to an innocent hookah bar, he'll enjoy it so much that he'll copy the recipe and start making it himself, none the wiser of what its doing to him nor what ideas Alice will be giving him. It will work perfectly."

Jervis jumped and laughed at his plot and how well it was proceeding. 

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