tragic discoveries and blind panic

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline He-Man She-Ra epic cross over madness
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Unknown World, Timmy and Lassie Team 2
“Wait up,” Wanda’s Timmy spoke, “There is a cave here to the right.  It looks like it has been fortified.
“I see it,” Sam said, “Looks like they have been piling dirt over branches over rubble to keep something out.  I wonder if this is how Tony sees things in his suit?”
“His would have the feature to just look throw a few layers of clothes and see the woman under them,” Carol snorted.
“I heard that,” Tony’s voice came over the headphones to the trio back in their control pods, “Switch to setting L-56 Sam.”
Sam did as instructed and looked around.  Wanda’s Timmy appeared as Wanda in her work out gear of jogging pants and a sweat shirt.  Carol’s looked like Carol modeling a string bikini swimsuit.
“Nice,” Sam said.
“What?” Wanda said, “Oh wow… Tony? Why are we wearing gym clothes?”
“Because the Friday used the security cameras in front of the gym for stable composting of you,” Tony said.
“Focus people,” Carol snapped, “Why are you staring at me Falcon?”
“I’m not Cap,” Sam lied, “I am looking at the bunker, I think people might be alive in there.”
Just then a spear tip shot out of a small hole in the cover of the cave entrance.  It stabbed at and swung around trying to hit Sam and Carol’s Timmy bodies.
“Die Horde monsters!” the voice from inside shouted.
“Ok,” Wanda shouted, “Calm down, we aren’t horde.  We are explorers from another world….”
“Then you shall die on this alien world as well,” the voice grunted with pain.
“Ok, calm down,” Carol said, “Relax, we are safe.  These are… puppets, really complicated puppets. Tony, can you hook Angela to the feed?”
“Angella?” the voice asked.
“Queen Angella of Etheria,” Sam said then asked, “Do you know her?”
“Is she safe far from this world?” the voice asked, “Please you cannot let her see me in this state!”
“Where is your unit Hank?” T’challa asked the man in the pod next to him.
“I’m here at the police station having a nice friendly chat,” Hank started, “Oh sorry, the guy running another Timmy is asking me a question Sergeant.”
“Nobody here seems all that creeped out by mechanical midgets,” Janet said, “What was that sir?  Clown attacks? Ok, the people here are afraid of clown attacks.”
“Hold on,” Hank said, “Any particular reason the people here are afraid of clowns?  Oh.  My.  Yeah.  Sounds like they have a super villain that is patterned after a clown.”
“Damnit!” Natalia took her head set off and tossed it, “Tony! I picked up a recon drone, but I didn’t get a chance to connect with it.  A flying man took out my unit.
“Son of a,” Tony shouted from the main console, “Cap, I know you can… and he is down.  I never thought I would say this, but Clint, you are our only hope!”
“Panic!” Clint shouted as he spasmed franticly making his remote robot move as quickly as possible.
“I am here,” Angella’s voice came out of Wanda’s Timmy, “Thank you Vission.”
“Can she see?” the voice in the cave asked.
“No…” Queen Angella said with a note of sorrow in her voice, “I cannot see what these machines see, but I can hear what they can.”
“My Queen…. My love… I have failed, I have failed to stop the Horde, I have failed in my quest to redeem my honor, I have failed as the Red Knight, I have failed in my quest to return to you, my wife. I have even failed to save these children I found lost in the chaos.”
“Ah,” Carol spoke up, “Tony can you get readings on the relative location of this cavern?  I am picking up the kids he mentioned.  They seem to uninfected with these nano-machines, but we have to hurry because there is a vein here on the other side of the hill boring in towards them.”
“NO!” Angella screamed.
“Ah,” Sam said, “You don’t look so good…”
His sensors displayed many tears and breaks in the armor and the nano-machines infecting them and the wounds under them.
“Hay Tony,” Sam shouted, “How long would it take to deploy a counter-measures for the machines.”
“Three days min,” a voice came back faintly, “Get in the open Clint so you can get a clear signal.”
“The kids don’t have three days before they get infected,” Carol shouted.
“Keep scanning and as long as lighting rod wants to help I can extract them in two hours tops,” the distant voice shouted, “Clint, Sewers are not open, they are hidden! Get in the open!”
“KILLER BIRDMEN!” another voice shouted from the background.
“Can you save him?” Angella asked.
“No,” the voice in the cave said, “I will not live that long.  My wounds are fatal.”
“No!” Angella shouted.
“Wanda help Carol get readings, Clint you need to get in the open!” 
“Angella, my queen,” the voice in the bunker said, “Please at least tell me that our daughter is safe.  Please tell me Glimmer is safe from this devastation.”
“She is,” Angella cried, “I sent her before all others to safety on another world.”
“Thank you…” the voice said, “Do not speak the name of where you sent her for I know the Horde’s machines are still listening and trying to continue their war even as this world dies.”
“You know,” Glimmer said sitting in the chair surrounded by guards, “I am a warrior in the great rebellion, I can fight.”
“We know,” the guards said as they kept their weapons trained on the door and the windows.
“I could help you capture the spy! Please Ram-man?” Glimmer pleaded.
“Your highness,” Ram-man said, “It would be a big stain on King Randors honor if anything were to happen to his guests and you are his guest.  So we are here to protect you.”
Angella stood helpless next to the pod as the three avengers worked out how to save the children in the cave below.  
“Your Majesty,” Sam said calmly, “His vitals have cut out.  I am sorry…”
“NOOOO!” Angella tore off the head set and ran out past the screaming of Clint and Tony.
“Nat,” Steve whispered to the Russian red-head, “Maybe you should talk to her.”
“Why me?” Natalia asked.
“Would you rather switch places and have Janet go talk to her?” Steve asked.
“So she can get a head start on a Widow’s all black wardrobe?” Nat asked sarcastically, “I’ll try to talk her off any ledges.”
Nat walked off after the angelic queen.  Steve turned his attention back to Clint.
“Focus Clint,” Steve said, “Get out in the open!”
“Take a left up ahead and blitz for the gate!” Tony shouted, “We almost have a handshake!”
Pepper ran into the control room.
“Where is the signal?” Pepper demanded.
“It is coming from the edge of the capital city,” one of the techs said reading the info from the drone.
“And you are sure it is ours?” Pepper said.
“The parabolic mic is picking this up,” another tech turned on a speaker.
“That would Clint,” Pepper said, “How log till we can have a buster on the ground for extraction?”
“The carrier with Skar Buster is in range, three minutes.”
“Deploy!” Pepper ordered.
The guards watching the gate looked around at the sounds of shouting.  It was coming from close by.  They turned to see a child sized blocky person running franticly towards the gate.
“I NEED AN ADULT! I NEED AN ADULT!” the red and gold person screamed.
Both guards were too stunned by the odd ness of what they were watching to react until it was too late to stop the being.  
“Look He-Man!” someone shouted.
Sure enough there was the hero of Eternia!  He was charging down the streets on his green Battle Cat!
“That little thing won’t stand a chance!” one guard said.
“But maybe that will!” the other guard looked up at a massive metal coffin falling from the sky.

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