He-Man vs the Scar-Buster. Queen Pepper the First

by colleem
Storyline He-Man She-Ra epic cross over madness
Previous Chapter tragic discoveries and blind panic

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 He-Man was almost too late for the fight. When he had finally arrived in the castle garden 2 of the 3 fighting machines were already destroyed. But the third had escaped and just stormed out of the main gate. While this little thing ran as fast as its little legs allowed it, it kept screaming for something called Adult. Even though He-Man had no idea what this adult was supposed to be, he didn't intend to let this thing get away with it. The warning of the sorceress rang still too clearly in his ears. This small combat robot was clearly from the kingdom of the Starks and was probably a kind of reconnaissance troop. If the ruler of Stark-Castle took such offensive steps now, it could not be good. Fortunately for him, however, this puppet was neither quick nor particularly skilful. The guards hadn't stopped him and just looked after him in bewilderment and cheered He-Man as he rode past them. To be on the safe side he drew his sword and threw it with a mighty throw directly at his enemy. The mystical blade penetrated the armor of the robot and nailed it against a rock. While Battle-Cat immediately switched to a slower pace, He-Man looked around. Far and wide he could not recognize any other enemy. Slowly he rode towards the small robot and could not resist the feeling that he was still in danger.



"Cursed! What the hell was that?" Clint asked as he pulled off his helmet and asked Tony to look hard at the monitors.


"A kind of sword. "


"A kind of sword? Does this Mean your Armor cant even withstand a simple Sword?"asked Steve as he looked at the monitor and understood nothing of all the pictures.


"Tony. This looks quite similar to Thor's hammer" asked Natasha who also looked at the monitors.


"Yes, only that this sword radiates a hundred times more energy than its hammer. Whatever that was..."


"She-Ra also uses a magic sword. It's very powerful," Angella said calmly and smiled as she saw the questioning looks. "She-Ra is the greatest warrior of the rebellion. A heroine with great power and wisdom."


"Do you think she could be an Asgardian Tony?" Cap asked and Tony nodded.


"Or the Transdimensional counterpart to them. In any case, I still have information from Timmy. His motor systems were overloaded by the weapon but his sensors are still active. So somebody please annoy someone else yes?" he said strained and highly concentrated.



"He-Man! Above you" the guards yelled at him and He-Man looked up. Directly above him the air seemed to flicker as it suddenly changed. Slowly and in small hexagons the sky opened and gave a view of a flying ship. The ship had 4 engines attached to both sides. But that was not the real problem. But that what this ship was carrying had just been released from its moorings. Directly before He-Man landed an about 4 meters large combat Titan as Roboto had described it. However, this Titan was not completely identical in construction with the Red Knight of Stark-Castle. He was armed with a sword in his right hand and the left arm was a single huge weapon platform built around a steel fist. The Titan was painted in a grey-red color combination and only the helmet reminded of the robots of Stark-Castle. He-Man tensed his muscles and grabbed his sword with both hands just as the Titan fired an energy weapon at him and fully busted He-Man.


Seconds earlier in the Avengers Tower.

"Miss Potts. The Skar-Buster has arrived at the target area. 2 timmis were destroyed, one is still partially active. Scanners show severe damage to the servo system, but the system is still active. An enemy person in the target area and a kind of big cat. Commands?


"Deactivates the camouflage and starts the Skar-Buster. I want that Timmi," Pepper said energetically. She wouldn't miss this chance. "I want to see everything the Skar-Buster sees. Friday. Activate the holo-emitters. 3d perception.


The various operators nodded to her and then routinely started to perform their tasks while her boss was standing in the middle of the 3D field for a better overview.


"5 seconds to decoupling. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Magnetic clamps open."


"Speed of fall 3.4 meters per second. Climbing."


"Activate combat program Talos 1. Control jets on my mark! NOW!"


"Control nozzles activated. Gyro stabilizers and inertial dampers running within normal parameters. Impact in 3 seconds. Passing control to Station 9. Now."


"Station 9 taking over. Weapon systems armed and unlocked. ARC reactor power at 112%. Rockets unlocked and armed. Close-range weapons unlocked. Operator! Skar-Buster fully operational. Should we attack?" asked the employee while his hand floated over a red button. His eyes looked for Pepper who nodded to him briefly and definitely.




"Direct hit. Repulsor strength was 73%."




He-Man slowly pulled himself up again and then straightened himself up completely. This thing was damn well armed. The energy beam had almost hurt. He hadn't expected such an overt reaction and hoped that the sorceress might have been wrong after all. However, the Titan stomped away from him and walked in the direction of the small robot.


"Are you really turning your back on me?" He-Man looked confused and grinned. "You regret the mistake!


He ran off and estimated the distance. With a well timed jump he would be able to land directly on the Titan's back and then end the spit with the sword. In the air he grabbed the sword with both hands and the blade pointing downwards. But at the last second the Titan swirled around and turned his upper body and caught him in the middle of the air. Fortunately the Titan hadn't hit him right but the pain was enormous. For the second time in a very short period of time, the hero was knocked to the ground of Eternia, which scratched his ego pretty badly. But before he surrendered to his righteous wrath, he saw the robot reactivate the energy weapon in his left hand. But this time He-Man managed to deflect the beam with his sword. To give the robot no time to react, He-Man moved immediately. Since the machine had used up to now mostly long-range weapons, it was a clever tactic to go into close combat. But since he had no information about this robot he was careful. Just as he was about to dive under his weapon arm, Titan struck unexpectedly. With both hands, He-Man was able to intercept the impact arm above his head and was forced to his knees.


The guards on the castle walls saw with horror how He-Man was pushed to his knees just to get up again seconds later and rip out the robot's arm completely. With a quick blow of his sword he then separated one of the shoulder weapons from him. Since the machine couldn't feel any pain, he relentlessly fought back. When the Titan's sword collided with the mystical sword of He-Man, 2 unstoppable forces collided.


"You're really strong!" He-Man gasped amusedly and pushed the weapon arm back. "But not strong enough!" Before the robot could react the blade of He-Man flashed up and separated the robot into 2 pieces. Cleanly cut in the middle, the two sides of the robot fell to the ground while smaller internal explosions and voltages chased through the hull.



"Miss Pots. The target is still standing."


"On screen! I want to see who the skar buster's fighting."


"Yes, Miss Potts. Transfer visual information from the Skar Buster to screen 8."


Now He-Man appeared on the screen as he reinstated himself after the first hit and started to jump.


"Nice Body!" grinned Pepper and said louder. "Friday. Calculate the man's trajectory and determine appropriate interception options. No lethal force. This one seems to be human." Pepper said and watched as the AI buildings took control of the Skar buster. However, even this blow was not hard enough to bring this fighter to the ground.


"Friday! Scan our opponent. A human wouldn't have gotten up after such a hit, would he?"


"No Miss Potts. The probability that a human can get up again after such a hit is 29%. Scan enemy fighters."


On dozens of holosystems different sensor images floated in front of Pepper who examined them closely. She pulled up her eyebrows and seemed confused. "Friday. This sword. Compare the energy signature of the sword with the hammer of Thor."


"Of course Miss Potts. The sword seems to be made of a metal similar to Thor's hammer. However, the energy it radiates is significantly higher. Have found comparable energy signature in the archives. Do you want a visual record of the comparable weapon in action?"


"Yes. Show me the video footage."


Pepper looked in horror at the video sequence and her head turned hastily to the battle profiles of the Scar-Buster armor. The left arm was irreparably damaged and the moment she looked the whole armor was cut into 2 pieces and fell apart.


"Miss Potts! The Scar-Buster armor is offline. We have values here that can't be true. According to the analysis this man is as strong as the Hulk" said one of the operators surprised. However, Pepper's face did not reflect any surprise.


"No Mister Miller. He is as strong as Odin," she said calmly and shot the holographic image of the video so that everyone could see it. In the video was again and again to be seen how Odin rammed his spear into the ground and conjured up the Allpower.


"Does that mean we are in Asgard?" asked one of the operators. "Odin looks so different."


"No. I fear we have here the dimensional counterpart to Odin before us. How far are the repairs to the Hulk-Buster armor?"


"Not yet operational Miss Potts. Estimated time to deployment .... Mhm. 8 hours 32 minutes. Shall we send another carrier?"


"No. The normal suits of armor are not enemies for this warrior. Friday. How long will it take you to build the Destroyer Mark 1?""


"Destroyer Mark 1 prototype armor. Based on the Destroyer from Asgard. We don't have enough material to build the armour."


" Does this world have the things we need?"


"This information is not available. I could launch a satellite to look for any metal deposits. Should I prepare the launch?"


"Yes, we need this armor as soon as possible! From now on we will do everything to get away from here. Tony found us! He won't let go! Always think about it! Tony will not take a break until he has found a way to save us. And that's how long we have to survive! We will fight and we will fend off every enemy that attacks us! I bear the responsibility for every single one here! I promise all of you that we will come home! And if I have to stop every single enemy with my own hands! Will you help me? WILL YOU FOLLOW ME?!"


The men and women in the room just cheered at her. Pepper Potts blossomed here. Something about her had changed. She had something majestic. Something dominant. Something worth worshipping. Pepper, on the other hand, looked satisfied at her cheering co-workers. She realized how loyal her co-workers were to her. It was intoxicating. She just imagined what it would be like if Tony had that look when he looked at her.


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