Porn and belated realizations

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Susan Storm- Cat-Burglar
Characters Sue Storm
Category latex Female Dom F/F
Previous Chapter Surprise recruitment and more torments planned

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Peter was unsure what was going on in his life.  He watched as his wife, Mary-Jane, bend over and check on the frozen pizza in the oven.  Part of him just wanted to sit there and enjoy the view, but something in the back of his head tingled that it was wrong.  As much as he enjoyed how MJ’s butt looked in the red rubbery booty shorts she had taken to wearing at home, something somewhere in the back of his head tried to say that she shouldn’t be wearing them…  Everytime Peter tried to think of why that was, his mind went blank. 

“And we are done Tiger,” MJ said as she pulled the pizza out of the oven, “think we will have time to watch a movie before you have to go out spider watching?”

A set of thoughts flashed in Peter’s head; [I should watch any movie MJ tells me to], [Mary-Jane is in charge], [I will do as Mary-Jane suggests so I can be a good obedient husband]. 

“Sure dear,” Peter said blinking for a second as he looked up from the old laptop.

Peter looked at the at his wife smiling back at him as she put the pizza on the counter.  MJ made a show of flexing and arching her back.  Peter’s eyes locked on to the red rubber booty shorts.  He missed MJ’s naughty smile.


Reed wandered around the lab three or four times before speaking up.

“Herbie?” Reed asked, “Where is the gas centrifuge?”

“To your left Doctor Richards” the electronic voice noted, “It was installed yesterday while you were working on the negative zone probes.”

“That’s ridiculous, I didn’t buy this!” Reed cocked his head.

“Mrs. Richards purchased it and order the installation as part of a general upgrade,” Herbie stopped to beep, “Now playing the message from Mrs. Richards.”

“I was wondering how long it would take you to figure out the lab equipment was getting out of date, I ordered new models from Stark to do the exact same things as the old ones and even put them in the same places.  Really dear, you need to pay more attention to things.”

“Why do I when that’s why I have you,” Reed said, “when was that recorded?”

“It was recorded,” Herbie stopped to beep, “three weeks ago Doctor Richards.”

“Oh,” Reed looked at the gas centrifuge.


Natasha watched herself in the mirror as Janet cinched the corset around her waist.

“Wow,” Natasha practically drooled at the sight and feel of herself in the rubbery material, “Goddess this material feels great…”

“Wait until you feel the little friends I put in your panties,” Janet kissed Natasha.

“What little friends?” Natasha asked with a lusty note in her voice.

Janet held up a pair of bikini bottom panties.  A buttplug and a dildo flopped to either side out of the leg holes.  Natasha’s mouth started to water. 

“Open wide so you can lube it up,’ Janet smiled. 

Natasha did as ordered and Janet stuck the buttplug into her mouth and started pumping it in and out.


Peter and MJ sat on the couch as MJ sent the video feed from her phone to the smart TV Tony had sent them for Christmas. 

“This will be purrrfect” MJ purred in Peter’s ear. 

Peter’s eyes widened and he jaw slacked as he returned to the trance that MJ kept putting him in.

“Watch how we worship our goddess,” MJ cooed. 

“Yes mistress,” Peter groaned.

The video started showing a pair of black rubber encased women in a sixty-nine.  Next to them was a male gimp fucking a female gimp in the ass doggy style.  But the center piece was a pair of women hidden in black rubber ridding each other with a pair of double ended dildos.  Their faces were hidden behind cat-faced gasmasks. 

“watch them carefully Peter,” MJ intoned knowing Sue was the dominant one in the gasmask, “Watch the queen and priestess of the goddess as she shares her love for the goddess with the other servant.  You want to worship with her as well.  You want to wear latex and fuck for the Goddess.”

MJ purred again.

“You want to fuck women in latex,” MJ intoned, “Watch and listen to the pleasure in their moans.  Obeying our Queen and Preistess makes you a good slave, good slaves learn obedience is pleasure.  Watch as Our Queen rides her servant into pleasure and orgasm.”

The pair of women had their legs intertwined and they grabbed and pulled at the thighs of the partner.  Their butts slammed together as they forced themselves together over the pair of dildos.  The pair of women in the sixty-nine broke up and came over.  Each one going to one of the two women in gasmasks and started sucking, licking and kissing the breasts of the fucking masked women.

“Obey and be rewarded,” MJ purred.

“Obey and be rewarded” Peter murmured as he watched.

MJ had put on a pair of rubber gloves and was reaching into Peter’s pants.  Peter watched the Rubber Queen be licked and sucked by her feline female gimp as she pulled her lover and the pair of dildos deeper into her.  His own dick was jerked linking the sight of the rubber women with the pleasure. 

“You want me to be your mistress,” MJ said, “You want me to lead you into the path of slavery and obedience to the Priestess Queen and our Goddess.”

“Please be my rubber mistress” Peter murmured.

“Good slave,” MJ purred again.

She was taking him deeper into a slave state while they watched Sue fucking Pepper on live stream under their black rubber gear.  MJ couldn’t wait to do the same with Peter and Mistress Sue on the air as well!

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