Rubber enslavement

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Susan Storm- Cat-Burglar
Previous Chapter Porn and belated realizations

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Reed walked into the bedroom and looked around.  He senses of smell was dulled by the fumes that he had inhaled that evening.  His frustration while palpable was counterproductive.  He knew that he had run himself to the point of being dangerously tired and couldn’t stay up any longer.  Sue was sleeping peacefully in the bed.  Reed got out of his pants and shirt and slipped on some pajama pants.  He made his way into bed next to Sue.  As he moved close behind her and put an arm around her, he was surprised to hear her giggle and murmur in her sleep. 

“I love you Susan,” Reed smiled and kissed her cheek.

“Mhhh, my sexy rubber man,” Sue cooed in her sleep, “I’d love to ride you…”

“I… I wish you were awake to be able to say that you mean that,” Reed smiled.

“Oh, but I am my rubber lover,” Sue turned over in the bed, “I’m not wearing any panties… Stud!”

Reed looked at the Sue and saw the raw lust in her eyes.  Sue let out a throaty purr and Reed’s eye’s glazed over. 

“Got nice big and hard for Mommy,” Sue purred.

Reed’s cock became a foot long, six-inch-thick pipe.  Sue pulled back the sheets and revealed that she was wearing a strap-on harness with a pink dildo mounted on the end. 

“You are going to need more than a foot long to satisfy me boy,” Sue purred again, “Get on all four, hands and knees, let’s go bitch boy.”

Reed obeyed without comment or hesitation.  Sue purred again in his ear.

“You are an obedient bitch boy,” Sue said, “You obey Susan without question.  Susan is your mistress and Bitch boy is her loving slave.”

“I am obedient bitch boy,” Reed moaned, “I obey Susan without question… Susan is the Mistress and Bitch Boy is her loving slave.”

“In want a sex sandwich,” Sue smiled.

Sue went behind Reed and leaned over his body.  Sue grabbed Reed’s cock and streched it out longer.  Sue purred again and whispered in Reed’s ear. 

“Bitch Boy’s fucks and get fucked for Mistress’ pleasure,” Sue cooed.

“Bitch Boy fucks and gets fucked for Mistress’ pleasure,” Reed droned as his addled mind accepted and embraced Sue’s words.

“Yes,” Sue purred, “You are Mistress Susan’s Bitch Boy.”

“I am Mistress Susan’s Bitch Boy…” Reed droned.

Sue moved to reposition herself so she could fuck his body as well as his mind.  She pressed the tip of the pink rubber cock against Reed’s anus and pushed it home.  While she did that she yanked and lengthened his cock and moved it around.  She lined it up so as she thrust in and out of Reed’s ass she would ride his cock in her ass as well. 

“I love having Gumby as a sex slave,” Sue purred and giggled.

“I am Mistress Susan’s Bitch Boy,” Reed droned again, “Susan is the Mistress and Bitch Boy is her loving slave…”

Susan wasted no time in getting to full rhythm pumping her dildo into Reed and pumping back onto Reed’s cock.  While Susan’s ass hadn’t been virgin when she discovered the power and the wisdom of the goddess, the Goddess had taught her just how much pleasure she could get from anal sex.


Jennifer Walters sat in the middle of the rubber kittens completely nude.  This wasn’t for the subscription livestream, it was just for the pleasure.  The former biker bitches in their rubber catsuits, licked and sucked at Jen’s nipples, clit, and torso. 

“I can’t wait for Janet to have that sexy little rubber dress ready for the Jolly Jade Giantess to strut and seduce Thor with.

Jennifer screamed as the tongue brought her to sweet orgasm.

“I wonder if Tigra would be a match for Mistress’ cult in service of the Goddess,” Jennifer mused as she came down from the orgasmic wave.


Natasha stalked the halls of Avenger mansion.  She had to admit, the booty shorts and halter top that Janet made for her were beyond awesome…  Especially the little friends built in cups of the halter and the crotch of shorts.  Natasha wondered, should she try to seduce Steve or Clint?  Maybe she could seduce Thor for a night of pleasure…

“Nat?” Clint’s voice came from behind her, “If you wanted to use the gym, I am done.  No need to scurry off and be antisocial.”

“Oh, you know,” Natasha turned and played cute and coy, “I just figured I would play cool and mysterious and you would come to me.”

“What do you want,” Clint asked.

“I think we need another sparing match,” Natasha strutted towards Clint, “Co-ed naked sparing?”


Clint was about to object, but was cut off by the kiss.

“You got condoms?” Clint asked as he broke for air.

Natasha opened a drawer on the side table next to them and pulled out a roll.

“This place belongs to Tony Stark,” Natasha smiled, “I am sure he won’t mind if we use a few dozen.”

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