...the Invisible Woman

by exidor455
Storyline Heroine Corruption Inc
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Susan Storm-Richards, the Invisible Woman, slowly woke up and looked around her with bleary eyes. She was totally disoriented and bewildered. The last thing she’d been aware of was walking down a New York street, brushing lightly against someone on the sidewalk, feeling a slight prick in her arm, then everything had started to go dark. She’d been dimly aware of a large black vehicle pulling up to the sidewalk next to her, then…nothing.

Until now. She became dimly aware that she was in a dark room, sparsely furnished, with clean black and metal surfaces. She tried to move but found that she was strapped down in a reclining chair, like the sort found in a dental surgery. Metal clamps held her wrists and ankles firmly in place.

As soon as she realized her predicament, she instinctively reached out with her powers and focused her powers on ripping the restraints away. But nothing happened. She gritted her teeth with frustration and strained against her bonds, but they held fast. She looked around the room wildly. The only other furniture in the room was a large bed with black sheets. There was one sturdy looking metal door with an electronic lock, and no windows.

She knew instinctively that she was under surveillance, and she looked around the room for hidden cameras. “Damn you, I don’t know who you are, but you have made a stupid mistake! You won’t hold me for long, and when I get free from this chair, I’ll make you pay!”

In a room nearby, a shadowy figure watched a bank of monitor screens that showed the scene in the room from a variety of angles. The sight of the beautiful blonde heroine thrashing furiously at her restraints and cursing at the empty room was tantalizing indeed. What a glorious project her ultimate corruption would be. The figure reached a hand forward and activated a com-link.

“It is time. Begin phase one.”

Just as Sue was trying to break her metal bonds with renewed vigor, she heard a metallic clunk and hiss, and looked up to see the door sliding open. She braced herself for what was to come…

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