Phase one involves drugs

by exidor455
Storyline Heroine Corruption Inc
Characters Invisible Woman
Category Corruption drug
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At first the doorway was just a black rectangle, then a form appeared. A curvaceous female form, sheathed in a tight, shiny white latex mini-dress version of a nurse’s uniform. She also wore a white nurse’s cap, with a latex face-mask which covered the lower half of the face, but the beautiful eyes were revealed.

The eyes twinkled at Sue as the nurse entered the room, pushing a wheeled trolley with a selection of medical equipment on it. Behind the nurse, entered a huge, muscular form wearing the white uniform of a hospital orderly, but also made from white latex. A tight white shirt that left most of the bulky arms bare, white trousers, and a white face-mask. His shaved head bore several scars and what could be seen of his face looked cruel and brutal.

Sue glowered at them as she strained against the restraints. “Look, I don’t know who you are or what you’ve done to me, but you’re making a big mistake if you think you can abduct a member of the Fantastic Four and get away with it!”

The hulking orderly took up a position by the door, and the nurse approached Sue, the latex of her tight mini-dress creaking in time with the swaying of her broad hips. Sue noticed that her long, toned legs ended in a pair of white stiletto heels, which clicked against the hard floor as she approached. She set the trolley near Sue's chair and stood by it, looking down at Sue with a strangely excited expression in her eyes, as though she was keen to get started.

Sue tried to activate her powers again, but as before, nothing happened. Unknown to her, she had been kept in a state of unconsciousness for several days, during which time samples of her cells had been taken and studied in detail by an expert scientific team. Detailed analysis of her cosmically enhanced genetics had revealed the correct course to take to nullify her powers.

A tiny device had been surgically implanted at the base of her skull, which could effectively switch off her invisibility powers, and then switch them back on again if needed. The device also had other functions which would become useful as her corruption and re-programming continued…

All Sue knew was that she was powerless, and it filled her with a sense of impotent frustration and rage. All she could do was strain her toned wrists and ankles against the immovable metallic bindings. She looked from the nurse to the orderly, then wildly around the room. “Gnnnnn! Damn, you! Who do you work for? What do you want of me?”

A sinister voice spoke from hidden speakers around the room. “Calm yourself, Mrs Richards. You don’t need to know who we are, and our purpose in taking you will become clear to you in due course.”

As the voice spoke, the nurse rolled up the sleeve of Sue’s blue Fantastic Four uniform. She then took a length of rubber tubing and tied it around her upper arm, causing the veins in her arm to stand out clearly. She then picked up a syringe and a small bottle filled with a pinkish liquid from the trolley. Sue’s eyes widened in horror as she saw the needle pierce the foil lid of the bottle and draw up a quantity of the liquid.

Sue began to thrash with renewed vigor against her restraints, and the male orderly approached. He stood behind her, and took hold of her arm with his powerful hands, holding it perfect still while the nurse moved closer with the syringes, now filled with the unknown pink substance.

Sue looked from the nurse to the approaching needle with a mixture of outrage and horror. “No! No, damn you! I don’t know what the hell that stuff is, but you’re not putting it in me!”

Ignoring her protests, the nurse found the vein at the crook of Sue’s arm, and carefully positioned the syringe. Sue felt the merest prick of pain as the needle pierced her flawless skin, and then the nurse’s gloved thumb depressed the plunger, pumping the mysterious substance into Sue’s bloodstream.

“Nooooouuuuuuuuhhhh! Sue’s eyelids fluttered and her beautiful blue eyes rolled back until only the whites were revealed, as the drug reached her brain and began its work.

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