the drug takes effect

by Drake G. Reaper
Storyline Heroine Corruption Inc
Previous Chapter Phase one involves drugs

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Susan continues to struggle though with the drugs in her system she's moving much more slowly. Trying to lift her arms they feel like there much heavier she tries to punch them but her arm moves like it's in slow motion. Catching the limb the nurse slowly runs one of her fingers up the length of her arm, Sue moans in pleasure from being touched and the effects of the drugs.
"Very good Nurse Temple, it looks like the drugs are quickly taking effect." The orderly says pleased, watching her move on to play with Susan's tits.
"Thank you sir, I'm always happy to serve the company in any way I can." Nurse Temple says giving a salute.
"It's good to see how you've come to see things our way. In fact the higher ups have seen fit to assign you to give Susan here her daily injections."  The orderly informs Nurse Temple.
"Really oh thank you hear that Sue we get to spend every day together." Nurse Temple replies hugging the drugged up Invisible Woman.
"But for now Nurse MacTaggert needs your assistance with Miss Jones it seems she's being particularly stubborn today." The Orderly tells her.
"Yes sir." Nurse Temple says leaving Susan.
"Now then Susan let's see what's next for your treatment." The orderly says moving on.

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