Phase 2 involves audio-visual stimulus

by exidor455
Storyline Heroine Corruption Inc
Characters Invisible Woman
Category Corruption drug Mind Control
Previous Chapter Phase one involves drugs

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Sue’s eyes fluttered open again just as the orderly and the nurse started to leave the room. Sue’s eyes were drawn to the sight of the nurse’s exquisite ass as it swayed its way through the doorway, the latex of her mini-dress creaking slightly in time with her movements. Then the door hissed shut, and she was alone again.

Some part of her mind dimly played with the notion that she should attempt to escape again, but thanks to the growing effect of the drug, she decided there was no rush. Ordinarily, her resistance to the drug would have been substantial, but the narcotic had been too well tailored to her own unique biochemistry and she never stood a chance against it.

The desire to fight and escape seemed less immediate to her, and her supple body relaxed in the chair. A feeling of comfort and well-being washed through her as the voice spoke again. It sounded less sinister to her now, more warm and comforting. She listened to it attentively and felt it begin reverberating through her very mind.

“Yes, relax Mrs Richards, and listen. There is no need to resist. Just as cosmic radiation imbued you with your extraordinary abilities as the Invisible Woman, so the drug and the other techniques we employ will endow you with a new set of extraordinary abilities. You will be a pioneer, the first of your kind. Of all the women we could have chosen for this important project, we chose you.”

Sue felt a swelling of pride at the knowledge that once again she was unique, special, and would once again be at the forefront of a human endeavor, whatever it might be. She was eager to learn more.

“It would be foolish to resist the drug. It is our gift to you. It will enhance you, liberate you, give you sensations and experiences that you could never have dreamed of. Embrace it. Go with it.”

Smiling, Sue made the conscious choice to open herself to the drug, and immediately felt her sense of comfort and well-being rise to a further level of exquisite pleasure and euphoria. She squirmed in the chair, and her body thrummed with delight. She moaned softly under the leather hood.

“The drug is just the first of many gifts we will bestow upon you. Watch, learn, and enjoy…” With that, the walls of the room seemed to light up with images that surrounded her, and the chair she was sitting on began to slowly rotate. Her eyes widened, the pupils dilated, as her heavily drugged mind started to make sense of the images that swam into focus as they swirled around her…

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