That night, in Sue's 'Pussy Palace'...

by exidor455
Storyline Susan Storm- Cat-Burglar
Characters Invisible Woman
Category Corruption drug latex
Previous Chapter Rubber enslavement

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That night when Sue had been spurned by her husband and walked out of the Baxter Building to find some satisfaction, little could she have imagined she’s started a chain of events that would see her becoming a latex fetishist, cat-burglar, porn-star, super-villain and high priestess of an ancient Cat goddess! But that was exactly what she had become under the guidance of her beloved Goddess, and she loved every second of it. But her transformation into the perfect avatar of the goddess was not yet complete.

In the inner sanctum of her Pussy Palace, she emerged from yet another audience with the goddess, thanks the glowing light of the cat’s eye gem, and was filled with new purpose. Her ideas for the cat’s eye contact lenses had developed further. They should be fitted with tech so that they could give her perfect night vision and also thermal imaging. They could also switch to a tactical display and the ability to access the ’s data system.

Then there were the fangs. These would be made of some strong but lightweight material that could fit perfectly over her own teeth. She briefly toyed wit the idea of fitting them with the ability inject certain chemicals through her bite, then dismissed the idea as not very cat-like. Maybe if she had been recruited by a snake goddess! But no, they would simply be there to make her look more feline, and to further disguise her identity.

As well as the cat's eye contacts and fangs, she also needed to seek out some mystical means of enhancing her kind control powers, to compliment her purrr ability. She needed some means of totally enslaving the will of whoever she chose to serve her, and making them her obedient followers and fuck-toys.

As she reclined on a black leather chaise-longue, she spread her latex-sheathed thighs and reached for her favorite Spider-Man sex toy. She began to languidly run the vibrating red head with its black spider-eyes up and down her latex-clad pussy as she activated a holo-display before her, and began to search online for information about art galleries and museums in town that might have tempting trinkets that would please her goddess. She felt it was time she and her playful pussies went out for another night of pillage, pilfering and purloining!

Nothing especially cat-themed jumped out at her, but her eyes lit up with mischievous delight as she saw one gallery that proudly announced that it had secured the services of Heroes for Hire Inc to guard a special exhibit. Clearly her spate of thieving had not gone unnoticed and the art world was taking extra precautions. How delicious! This would give her the perfect opportunity to test her new toys, and make her villainous debut! The Goddess would be pleased.

What exquisite fun it would be to carry on the pretense of being the virtuous and noble Invisible Woman by day, then slipping out at night to indulge in play in her , or prowl the alleys and rooftops of , getting into all sorts of fabulous feline fun as a super-villain!

She stretched like a cat and let out a deep, throaty purrrrrr as she pondered the possibilities of her exciting new life. Just then she heard a ping, and looked over to see that the machine she’d acquired from the Baxter Building was announcing that the first batch of her Catnip was now ready for testing. Her beautiful lips parted in a wicked smile and she let out a loud “Meeeoooowww!” or approval. 

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