A friendly wager...

by Gorel
Storyline She-Hulk: Green with Envy
Characters She hulk
Category Marvel
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Sitting at a café table outside the front of a restaurant and enjoying the summer weather, three women chatted away while sipping at their drinks, laughing at each other’s jokes and small talk and enjoying the other’s company. And the three gathered quite a few stares from the nearby tables and pedestrians that walked by, after all… It’s not often you get to see the three She-Hulks all gathered in the same place!


Jennifer Walters; the Sensational She-Hulk covered her mouth to keep from spilling her drink over her dress suit after hearing Betty Ross’s story about her trip to Asgard. Despite her Amazonian physique, Jen always dressed to impress with her long green hair in a bun, wearing classy lip stick and eye liner along with a custom-tailored purple dress suit. The front of her blouse open by just a couple buttons to show off her cleavage and neckline. “Really? A big ass sword?” She asked incredulously, smirking back at the other woman.


“Yeah… Lost the thing but it was fun while I had it.” Chuckled the Ferocious She-Hulk while she leaned back and sipped at her coffee, crossing her leg at the fond memory. Unlike Jen, Betty Ross’s skin was blood red with jet black hair, wearing a matching black leather biker suit and with matching boots, her hair was undone and flowed down her back and shoulders, with a streak of red running down the right side as a highlight. Betty had taken to be a She-Hulk quite well despite some drama between her, her father and Bruce. If anything, she was starting to enjoy the attention just as much as Jen had “So, Lyra, ever wanted a sword of your own?”


“Please… We were trained in the use of sword as children.” Rolled the eyes of Lyra; the Savage She-Hulk, flipping her red hair and crossing her arms under her bust. Younger than the other two women, Lyra was a gene hybrid created be Thundra with her and Bruce’s genes. Raised in a parallel future with her Femizonian mother, Lyra went to the past to face her ‘father’… The culture shock alone plus some help with the Fantastic Four made her want to stay and left a breach between her and Thundra. Lyra wore matching red leather pants with a leather tube top which went well with her fiery red hair and green skin. Sporting bronze jewellery from her Femizon heraldry. “Quite frankly, why would you need a sword? You could bend steel like tin foil.”


“You Femizons aren’t one for fun aren’t you…” Muttered Jen, sipping at her drink when Lyra snapped her gaze back at the green smirking woman. Continuing with their banter, sharing details on what they’ve all been doing lately, a young waiter stepped up to their table, fidgeting to himself before offering the check for their stay.


“H-here’s your bill Miss She-Hulks.” He stuttered. “I h-hope your s-stay was a pleasant one.” Leering at the three women, especially at the angle where he was, ogling strainght down into Betty and Jen’s cleavage, the man gulped before realising he was there at the table for too long and scurried off.


“Hmm, its cute when they stare…” Giggled Jen, finishing her drink. “Can’t blame him after all, I’m obvious the hottest one here.”


“Excuse me? He was staring at me legs and chest the whole time he was standing there.” Scoffed Betty. “If anything, I’m the hottest one at this table.”


“Oh yeah? The male was staring at me the entire time, he focused on ME first, I’m certainly more attractive by far.” Smirked Lyra, gaining dirty looks from the other two women.


“Really? You two have been playing second fiddle to the original gamma bombshell at this table this entire time, I’ve been turning heads LONG before you two showed up.”


“Being the original doesn’t make you the best, ever since I went red and buff, guys have been eyeing me up and down all the time… And they KNOW I’m not you.”


“The biker chick look is cheating you know…”


“Well… I can’t speak for the two of you, but several of my classmates talk about the ‘gorgeous she-hulk’ in their school… And they’re not mentioning either of you!”


Slowly standing up from their chairs and staring daggers at one another, a cold smile graced their lips before Jennifer spoke up. “You know what? How about a friendly competition, to see who’s the hottest She-Hulk there is, winner gets bragging rights for a month.”


“A year!” Smirked Betty with a tilt of her shoulder, her coy smile never leaving her lips.


“DEAL!” bringing their hands together, the three Amazonian women shook on their agreement. “So, next week, same place, and we check who’s become the hottest in that time.”


“Sure, sounds like fun.”


“See you later.” Leaving money on the table, the three went their separate ways. A plan on their minds as to how to compete with the other. Walking down the street and smiling to herself at the cat calls and whistles in the background, Jennifer mulled over how she was going to one-up the other two for the prize of being the most desired She-Hulk on Earth. Looking at herself in the reflection of a window, Jen made a quick pose, even undoing her hair to cascade down her back which made a few cars behind her honk their horns in approval. “So… How am I going to beat them…?”


Then a straw thought caught in her head. If gamma radiation turned her from a mousy law clerk to a glammazon bombshell, then MORE radiation would turn her into a goddess! With a plan in motion, Jen headed back to the Avengers mansion, a goal she was going to put all her will into.


“Get ready to be left in my shadow ladies, Because Shulky is coming with a whole new look!”


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