Jen irradiates herself at the Avengers Mansion.

by Gorel
Storyline She-Hulk: Green with Envy
Characters She-Hulk
Category Marvel M/F Muscle Growth Breast Expansion
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Heading back to the Avengers mansion with an extra swivel to her hip with each step, Jennifer had a gleam in her eye that for those that knew her the best knew it meant one of two things. She had a goal on her mind… Or someone was going to wake up twisted in the bed sheets.


Humming a tune as she made her way up the steps and into the hall of the mansion, Jen paused only to look at herself in the mirror finish of the elevator, making a pose or two on her way to the sub-levels. “To think they believe they can compete with all this, aren’t THEY gonna get a surprise!” As soon as the doors opened, Jen smiled wider when she found exactly who she was looking for.


“Hi Bruce, been busy?” Chirped Jen seeing her cousin in front of a microscope with a radio playing soothing music. Catching the man off guard she pulled him into a bear hug from behind that startled him when his legs were left dangling in the air before being dropped like a sack of potatoes.


“J-Jen, don’t sneak up on me like that, you know my condition.”


Rolling her eyes and crossing her arms, Jen smirked at the man wiping his pants down and returning to his seat. “Yeah, yeah, no surprises… By the way, do you still have that gamma vacuum thingy?”


“My radiation absorber? It was a wasted project, I used to try and drain the radiation from my system to cure the Hulk, didn’t even make a dent and there’s enough in that thing to make a city block uninhabitable!”


Her smile going wider, Jen ruffled his hair playfully. “REALLY? Where is it?” Following his pointed finger to a shelf where a small generator sat, the tall green woman giggled as she skipped over to pick the item up. In both her hands, the thing looked like a jump starter for a car if not for the green glow coming from the glass lens on its surface.


“You aren’t going to do something dangerous with that are you?”


“Oh me? Noooooo, no, no, no.” She answered, trying to look as innocent as possible. “I’ve just been feeling greener that usual and think maybe I need to cut down a bit.”


Scrunching his face with doubt, eventually Bruce shrugged his shoulders and pointed off to a room nearby. “Okay, that room is lead shielded just in case, and remember, safety first.”


Smiling like a cat that caught the canary, Jen made her way to the cell and locked the door behind her. Placing the device on the work bench in front of her, Jennifer rubbed her hands together excitedly. “Just you wait, you wannabes, Shulky’s gonna win this! Oops, safety first…” rummaging around the room, Jen plucked a pair of safety glasses from the wall and delicately placed them over her eyes. “There we go.” Reading the dials on the small device, Jen set the machine to reverse and placed her hands on the two nodes that suddenly glowed green.


She didn’t have long to wait for results.


The moment her hands came into contact, a surge of warmth flowed through her and made her muscles tense. “Whoa! That’s what Mamma Shulky LIKES!” Already she could feel her body drain the gamma radiation from the device, her muscles throbbing larger with each booming beat of her heart in her chest. The shoulders to her jacket tore open, along with the hem of her skirt as her shoulders and hips grew wider. The buttons to her jacket popping off along with her blouse when her chest heaved, her E cup breasts expanding to G, then H, then I as her chest grew and her breasts expanded. Her heels gave up trying to hold up her new mass but by then she was getting taller, the muscles in her legs and thighs growing larger and more corded as her height increased from 7’ 2 to 7’ 5 then 7’ 9. Her hair grew longer, wilder, like she hadn’t combed or brushed it in ages. “Feels like someone’s lighting me FIRE!” Her jacket finally gave up trying to contain her now muscular arms and back as the sleeves tore wide open and the back split in half, falling off her in taters and followed by her blouse. Her skirt snapped off her burgeoning hips to reveal wide powerful thighs and a meaty heart-shaped rear. When the energy finally stopped coming, Jen panted and moaned, hugging herself tightly and moaning as if she had just come off from a wild night in bed.


Looking down at herself, the Sensational She-Hulk was not disappointed with the results. Before she would have been best described as fit, now she was completely buff. Her arms were taut with firm muscles twice large as before she started, her chest heaved with new pectoral muscles, and her abs had become more defined and solid with a 6 pack. Her long, toned legs were now stout with more powerful thigh and ankle muscles. But just as she had become stronger, so too had she become more curvaceous. Her hips had become broad and flaring, her long muscular legs ending at an apple bottom rear that had flossed her purple silk panties into a thing, exposing the toned globes of her ass. A waspish waist flared back out with a pair of I cup breasts that stood full and proud from her chest and reduced her matching purple silk bra into a bikini top, the straps having burst half way through her growth but clung to her like a second skin. Giving her left breast a heft, she purred at its weight before giving her meaty rear a slap and finding it barely flinched from the strike.


Tossing her mane of wild green hair, Jen opened the door and sashayed out the lab, her cousin barely aware as his eyes were back on the microscope. “Thanks for the pick-me-up Bruce, see you next time.” She waved blowing a kiss his way, his only reaction a wave of his hand as she left the sub level and went up to her quarters to change. She felt incredible, so alive and powerful, MORE so than when she first turned into a She-Hulk, she wanted to share this, indulge in her new physique. When she turned a corner, the 8-foot-tall amazon woman blinked in surprise when Captain America bumped into her, his face bouncing off her large breasts and falling to the floor.


“SORRY, sorry, still getting used to this.” Fretted Jen, quickly helping the man back up to his feet.


“That’s alright Jen it was all my….” Staring up at her cleavage and forgetting where he was for a second, his gaze slowly worked its way up to see the now larger woman eye to eye. “Fault?”


“Well hello handsome, like what you see?”


His eyes darting all around him and only finding nothing but tall, buff, green She-Hulk in front of him. “Ugh… You look… Nice.”


“Hmmm, aren’t you a charmer, you deserve a reward.” Pressing the man up against her chest and abs, Jen hoisted him up and dragged him with her to her room, where she promptly shut the door behind her and delicately placed a ‘do-not-disturb’ sign on the door knob.

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