Lyta heads off to the Fantastic Four to borrow one of Reed's devices.

by Gorel
Storyline She-Hulk: Green with Envy
Characters She-Hulk Fantastic Four
Category Marvel Muscle Growth Breast Expansion
Previous Chapter Jen irradiates herself at the Avengers Mansion.

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Meanwhile at the Baxtor Building…


Lyra entered Reed’s lab where the elastic Mr. Fantastic busied himself with his research. It wasn’t until he heard the young woman enter and fumble around with the projects, he had at the shelves nearby did he realise he had company.


“Hello Lyra, can I help you?”


Rummaging over one small contraption after the other, Lyra eventually stopped and looked right at Mr. Fantastic, a look in her eyes he never seen before. “Do you have like a gamma charger or something?”


Scratching his chin, Reed slowly turned around and headed towards a shelf where he picked up a small arm band with a green dial. “I do have this, it’s a gamma generator I made for Jen one time when her powers had begun to ebb, why do you need it?”


“GIMME!” Snatching the device and strapping it to her arm, the young woman fumbled with the controls. “Now be careful, there’s enough energy in that to empower Jen three times over.” As soon as she set the dial to max and pressed start, Lyra’s eyes went wide with excitement.


She could hear her heart pound in her chest as her body was infused with Gamma radiation, the energies filling up her muscles and causing them to throb and grow. Within seconds her already impressive build grew larger and taller, her physique expanding right before the timid man’s eyes.


With a moan that sent the woman flexing her arms, she revelled in how her arms and shoulders swelled larger, her chest expanding while her abs hardened. Her legs grow longer, stout with muscles while her hips flared wider and her read became shapelier. Her two-piece costume complained loudly as she grew up and out, passing 6’5 then 6’7. “Yesssss, m-mmmmore…” Her pants were becoming skin tight before they burst at the seems, exposing firm green skin and the muscles of her thighs and hips, Her top groaned as her breasts expanded past H cup and revealed deep cleavage both at the neckline and below the hem of her top. Her vibrant red hair growing longer, wilder. Her shoes finally burst when she passed 7 feet tall, as did the belt that held up what was left of her leather pants, leaving her in her top and panties which had been stretched to discomfort. But Lyra didn’t care, the moment she felt gamma radiation fill her, she felt alive. Powerful! By the time she reached 7’8, the radiation stopped flowing and she had to look down at the device to realise she had sucked it dry, but she didn’t care about that either.


Stretching and kicking off the remains of her shoes and pants, the red-haired savage She-Hulk smiled and laughed at her taller more muscular physique… Along with her new curves. “I need a mirror, ah, here we are.” Walking towards the only surface with a reflection, the tall gamma powered Femizon sashayed towards the polished surface of the wall, her hips giving an extra swivel with each step that led Reed to look away and mutter about being a loyal married man.


Bending down to give herself a look, Lyra’s smile widened. She was perfect. Putting her arms up to toss her hair and strike a pose like she saw in those swimsuit magazines, Lyra found she put all of those women to shame; sporting long powerful legs, flaring hips, a waspish waist with powerful abs and a chest that threatened to snap her top in two, her massive arms nearly obscured her face. Which was another thing, she no longer looked like a teenager! The gamma radiation had somehow accelerated her age to a fully-grown woman, making her relatively the same age as Jennifer and Betty.


With her hands at her hips with a smirk at her pert lips, Lyra turned around and made her way out the lab doors. Leaving Reed to hide down a boner as he ran to his chair to go back to his research. Heading down the hall, Lyra made it back to her old quarters, giggling to herself that she had to duck to enter. Going through her wardrobe, she found her red Fantastic Four costume and took off her ruined clothes to change. Stepping out of her quarters in her costume, the gamma powered Femizon stretched and laughed how her fingers reached the ceiling. She felt incredible, powerful… Aroused. A look came over her when she decided to gracefully step down the hallway to the living room where she spotted Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm playing a video game on the couch. The two cursing up a storm as they competed against each other in the racing game on the screen.


“Hey boys, like the new me?”


Totally forgetting what was on the screen, the two men sat stupidly at the tall, curvaceous bombshell that smiled back at them before stepping out of the building, leaving the pair to forget the game completely as they stared at her leaving out the door.

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