On their way to the first class...

by ESchorcho
Storyline Wonder Woman's School for Nobility and Royalty.
Characters Wonder Woman Power Girl Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) Storm Rogue Shadowcat Poison Ivy Harley Quinn Jessica Jones Livewire Killer Frost
Category Marvel and DC Mind Control
Previous Chapter The students awaken in this weird school and try to figure out what's going on.

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The group of women all made their way out of the ballroom.  Power Girl looked back in disbelief as the changed Wonder Woman sashayed out of the ballroom through a side door.  She shook her head and whispered to the group of women she found herself with, “What do you think has happened to her to make her act that way?  To dress like that?”

“Harley said she’s lost it,” Poison Ivy said, nonchalantly, “Seems like a perfectly rational explanation for what has happened.”

“And if anyone knows what it’s like to lose it, I would think it would be the two people here that have spent time in Arkham,” Jessica Jones cut in.

“Easy there, sugah,” Rogue said to the private eye, “I think we have bigger fish to fry than fightin’ with one another.”

“Awwwe,” Harley sighed and looked over to the sassy Southern belle, “Thanks for sticking up for us, puddin’.”

The ladies proceeded on down the hall when they a striking figure minced her way up to them.  It was a redheaded woman that was tall and looked like a model, yet with more of a muscular definition to her body.  She wore a black and white French Maid outfit that consisted of black petticoat that showcased her long, tanned legs and an off-the-shoulder neckline with striped details.  Her hair had been pulled back neatly, save for a shelf of perfectly-trimmed bangs and at the top of her head was cute maid’s headpiece. Her look was completely by a pair of frilly white gloves that ended at the wrist, a pair of knee-high stockings and black high heeled pumps that only added to the maid’s statuesque appearance.

Karen Starr narrowed her eyes at the maid’s face and felt her stomach fall.  She recognized this woman underneath the glamorous makeup that graced the maid’s already naturally beautiful face.  And if her suspicions were true then they were in far more trouble than any of them realized.

“Hello ladies.  My name is Artemis, and I am here to show you the way to your first class for my mistress, the Lady Diana,” the maid announced in a loud, clear voice that dripped with a submissive flair.  She smiled pleasantly, and they could see that her posture was perfectly and she had her hands clasped together in front of her. She then made a grand showing for the captive class to follow her, “If you would please follow me.”

“And what if we say no?” Captain Marvel asked, cocking an eyebrow.

“Yes.  Each and every one of us is powerful enough to break our way out of here on our own,” Storm said, looking over the group of heroines and villainesses before her, “I don’t think you can take all of us.”

“That gives me a great idea!” Livewire hissed out and thrust her arms out.

Power Girl cried out ‘no!’ and tried to use her superspeed to stop her.  Instead, she moved at a normal pace, which froze her in her tracks. She looked up with scared eyes the size of saucers and saw that nothing happened when Livewire tried to use her electricity powers.  The pale, white-haired woman paused and looked down at her hands in complete confusion at her lack of powers. She then looked back up and saw that the other women were looking at her with questioning looks on their faces.  One by one, they all attempted to use their powers but it was no use.

Artemis cleared her throat to draw everyone’s attention back towards her and she continued to smile pleasantly, despite the fact that she was almost attacked.  Bowing her head, the maid explained the situation, “You will find that precautions have already been taken to repress your amazing abilities whilst on these grounds.”

“So you’re telling us that we have the abilities of Harley?” Kitty asked in disbelief.

“And what’s so wrong with that?” Harley demanded.

“Enough talk,” Jessica Jones muttered, “She has to have something on her that is affecting us.  Powers or no powers, I can still beat the shit out of fetish Mary Poppins here.”

“Jessica, don’t!” Power Girl called out, “She’s an…”

The street smart private detective strode over to Artemis and threw a punch at the ridiculously-dressed French Maid’s pretty face.  Everyone expected the punch to land, but Artemis ducked it with ease, and in one fluid motion, she threw a backhand punch that landed square on Jessica’s jaw, dazing her.  The maid then whirled around and executed a perfect roundhouse kick that knocked Jessica Jones off her feet.

“As I was saying,” Power Girl sighed, making her way over to the raven-haired heroine.  She held out a hand to help the defeated woman up, “She’s an Amazon.”

Jessica Jones scowled up at Karen and swatted her hand away.  She then shot up on unsteady legs, but didn’t dare show the statuesque maid that she was any worse for wear, despite the intense pain she felt.  Finally, she glared at Power Girl and hissed, “Now you tell me.”

“Oh, if I may be so bold, Ms. Jones, but you are going to be a tough nut to crack,” Artemis murmured, and then she looked down in an excited, conniving smile, “The Lady Frost will so enjoy breaking you.”

“Emma is here?” Storm, Rogue and Kitty all exclaimed out their question in unison.

“Oh yes, and she so enjoys dispensing punishment for naughty girls,” Artemis purred.  She then turned sharply on her high heeled pumps, “Now, if you would please follow me.  We are already running late, and that simply will not do.”

Artemis began walking down the hall, and before they all knew it each and every one of the group of women began walking down the hall behind her.  They had formed two perfect lines that consisted of Power Girl, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivey, Killer Frost and Livewire in one, while Captain Marvel, Storm, Rogue, Shadowcat and Jessica Jones were in the other.  Jessica rubbed her jaw, and realized that they were all doing exactly as this warped maid wanted, and by proxy, what Wonder Woman wanted. That sent a shiver of fear down her spine.

She and every other woman there knew that they needed to find someway to escape.

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