The ladies' first is the Fashion of the Rich and Noble taught by Janet Van Dyne

by Drake G. Reaper
Storyline Wonder Woman's School for Nobility and Royalty.
Previous Chapter On their way to the first class...

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"Your first class is ahead we hope it goes well" Artemis says leaving the group.

Entering the classroom the ladies take a seat in one of the many desks. From the back of the class a door opens and a woman in a large black and yellow victorian dress. Descending from the doors at the back she takes a look at the class with a greatly dissaproving look. Taking a moment she takes a deep breath before speaking.

"Greeting students to my class I am her Lady Janet Van Dyne now are there any questions before we begin?"Janet asks.

"Janet is that realy you? What happened why are you here what are you doing? Are the Avengers okay I..." Kitty asks panicked.

"SILENCE!!!" Janet yells as she then grows to an intimidating 20 feet high. "I asked for a single question not for you to jabber like a monkey."

"Please Janet you're a friend we're just worried about you." Storm tries to calm the giant woman.

Shrinking back to normal size Jan regards Storm's words. "While I appreciate your concern Ms. Munroe it is unneccesary now we have a class to begin." Jan snaps her fingers as a group of maids enter.

"Now ladies let's get you out of those rags please do not resist I would hate to send you to Emma so soon or see you injured." Janet says to the group.The Amazonian maids quickly disrobe the superheroines and villainesses they are then dressed in fashionable lingerie and matching corsets. The ladies let out a yelp from having the corsets tightened in response Jan just rolls her eyes muttering 'amateurs'. Now that they're dressed and out of those rags Jan begins.

"Now that, that is out of the way welcome to Fashion of the Rich and Noble let us begin with a brief History of the proper clothes for ladies of nobility and wealth." Janet begins her class.

* * *

Diana sits in her office going over various notes while waiting for next appointment which should be arriving soon. Like clockwork one of the maids enters and informs her of her guests arrival. Going to the sitting room Diana sees Lex Luthor standing there in front of the fireplace looking very handsome.

"Good to see you Lex I assume you are interested in my offer." Diana inquires.

"Only if you came through on your end while I normally wouldn't do something to anger Doom this is just to good not to do it." Lex replies.

"Of course." Snapping her fingers the maids bring in a cloaked figure in a powder blue gown. "For your consideration the future Mrs. Luthor."

Pulling away the cloak the woman is revealed to be Susan Storm the invisible woman. Her blonde hair has been styled into a nice bouffant with light blue ribbons. Sitting high on her chest are a pair of massive all natural mammaries that are pushed higher by her tightly pulled corset sinching in her waist. Susan is the perfect vision of Diana's view of a modern day noblewoman.

"She's perfect this'll drive both that idiot Richards and ego-maniac Doom crazy." Lex says pleased."Thank you Mr. Luthor for the compliment." Susan says kindly.

"That's not the only detail maids if you would." Diana instructs them.

A pair of maids postion themselves on either side of Susan as they lift her hair showing it to be a wig and that underneath she's completely bald. Raising an eyebrow in intrest Lex doesn't dislike it, it's just never occured to him as something he might like in a lover.

"Well Diana I have to say I think you'll see a large donation from Lexcorp in the future." Lex says looping his arms with Susan.

Artemis enters soon after. "Forgive me for the inturrption Lady Diana the limo is prepared to take you to your next appointment."

“Ahh, yes.  Tell the good doctor that I say hello, and that he did a wonderful job with the Lady Susan,” Lex commented, and then his brow furrowed as a quizzical gleam overtook his eyes, “Or is it a she today?”

“Oh my, Doctor Masque does such fantastic work,” Susan murmured, and her hands drifted up to tease her inflated, perfectly round globes that sat high on her chest thanks to the corseted bodice of her new powder blue gown, “And her staff are simply divine!  Oh, Lady Diana, you will simply love to play with them!”

"Thank you Artemis tell me how are the students doing?" Diana asks."They are doing well I believe a few will be quite difficult." Artemis admits.

"Write up a report Artemis I'll be back soon." Diana tells her.

"Of course my lady right away." Artemis dutifully obeys.       

"Mr. Luthor Mrs. Luthor I hope to see you again soon." Diana says bidding them goodbye

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